Errata/FAQ documents have been updated for November

Hey folks, just to advise we have updated the points doc to return the missing Archetype costs for Wasteland Warfare players as well as adding the November errata and points for the Fallout Wasteland Warfare RPG.

The revised Into the Wasteland should be along in the next few days for those that purchased it.

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Hi there, there is still a mistake in the last errata document V5.0 NOV2020, I told to James it was in the last one, it is about the Mutant Hound Fiend radiation armor rating, It says it changes from X to 1, he said it was a typo in the errata

Is the battle mode cost list going to change? Because that list does not match with battle mode list. Should we use that new cost list for building purposes in battle mode?

Battlemode changes are coming in December.

Its having a bit of an overhaul in preparation for the 2021 update.

and the say war never changes :wink: