Wave 7 Caps Costs Issues/Questions Thread

Hey hey! Excited to see the costs and cards go live for wave 7. Though I noticed a few things which might need to get fixed:

  • 5lag’s power armor doesn’t have a category in the battle mode items, so it can’t be brought into battle mode
  • 5lag also doesn’t have the “power armor” option in “may carry”, so he couldn’t equip his own power armor in battle mode
  • radstags, normal bloatflies stingwings and bloodbugs don’t have points
  • those + radstag doe aren’t in the creature force list for battle mode
  • swan has 2 sets of points listed. Why?
  • 5lag and jake finch both have the shishkebab as “does carry”, which usually means that the cost is included in their caps cost. However both of those models are pretty cheap. Is the shishkebab just default equipment for them?

Yes, I am going to put the other topic here, with the same and some other issues.

Hey guys,

Just a heads up that I’ve brought this up with the Fallout Project Manager, so we are aware of it. I’d encourage posting on the thread that DK-Dark brought up too, so Jon has everything in one place.