Wave 7 cards now available for download, please log errors here

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Wave 7 cards are here. So you can hit the table with your new Forged and Ghoul Settlers.

Have fun with them.


Its been noticed that the faction reference cards have been missed, while we get that sorted and uploaded, here are the rules for completeness sake.

Forged are a sub-faction of the Raiders faction. In
addition to the Raiders Faction Special Rules, they
gain the following Special Rule:
Forged sub-faction Units gain SPECIALTY:
Weapons that inflict Physical Damage
whose non-Critical Special Effects can
cause (Fire)

The Slog.
The Slog is a sub-faction of the Survivors faction. In
addition to the Survivors Faction Special Rules, they
gain the following Special Rule:
The Slog sub-faction Units each gain a
free Tarberry card after being deployed
onto the battlefield.

Ghouls have also been modified to become a “type” (much like Dogs, Creatures, Robots etc).

The rules below apply to any model which is a Ghoul, as
shown by the (Ghoul icon) on their Unit Card.

Each Point of (Radiation) received removes 1 (Damage).
Every non-creature Ghoul has the Lead Belly
Perk equipped.
Ghouls are immune to (Radiation)

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I have noticed some mistakes or missing info:
-Jake Finch’s unit card has 2 health icons.
-Radstag, Radstag Doe, Bloatfly, Stingwing and Bloodbug units don’t appear in the Wave 7 Creatures PDF (Battle Mode), and all of them, except Radstag Doe, don’t appear in the General items&units cost PDF, so they don’t have any point cost.
-Swan appears in this Wave 7 General items &units cost PDF, but he has 2 different costs for the same legendary level, what does it mean?
Also, Swan does not appear in the Wave 7 Super mutant PDF (Battle Mode).
-The Forged and The Slog appear in differents PDF from their main factions (Battle Mode), but this was not done with the Nightkins and the Super mutants PDF… I suppose you can play them in Battle Mode with a Force of Raiders/Survivors, right?
-Deathclaw Matriarch I and II (Battle Mode) does not match, the Battle Mode list has the same ‘Does carry’ items at level 1 or 2, not matching with their unit cards

The point cost file is also broken. The latest changes got reversed …
And 131 for sl@g is a bit high… he doesn’t come with power armor or the sword …

:scream:Sl@g costs 65 in the Battle Mode list with the weapon and perk, but the weapon has 2 asterisks and no reference for those, I don’t know what it means

Maybe its the reference to jakes rule, where he gets it for free

Also, I have found Miss Nanny’s unit card says equipped: Mr. Handy laser, and in the robot Battle Mode list, it says Mr. Handy Laser Pistol, wich I cannot find it, I suppose it refers to Mr. Handy laser.
And, should not P.A.M. be there, like Codsworth and ED-E?
The general units cost has a Mr. Handy line and a Mr. Handy Type-1 line 10 caps cheaper, what does mean? It does not exist as unit

Thanks for all the catches so far.

I’m compiling all these and updating a log, I will then get the team to review and fix so we can get a proper version uploaded ASAP.

Apologies for the errors this time round.

Just for layout, the FAQS title in its PDF is in a previous page (still in the errata, campaign book) and its missing, at the last page, about erratas on weapon cards, a line about the Young Deathclaw Crush (missing ‘Replace throw with [black Arrow]’)

I have found an unknown unit called ‘Bandit’ in the general units&items cost PDF.

Edit: I have found, in the same PDF, Chemical coating is in the Gear list (is a Mod), the Gecko baked metal armor is missing in the Armor list, and the Muffled mod, in the Item equipment PDF, has the clothing&armor symbol instead of the Mod symbol.
Edit 2: The mod ‘Barbed’ is missing (general costs PDF), and the Impact exchanger for Power Armor is missing in the mods or equipment PDF.

Chemical Coating is showing as Gear my end (its from the Denizens Deck). Can you clarify that point please? I’ve snagged the rest, thanks.

I was wrong, the app shows it as Creature mod, and it is like a Mod, but it is a Gear item, it does not have the Creature icon on the corner, so it is right

Ok, no worries.

There are too many cards for any of us to keep up with, trust me :wink:

I will send a message to Jamie to fix that detail.
I am seeing there are some Leader cards in the Perk cards cost

The Leader cards in the Perk list are Berserker, Blitzer, Bodyguard, Brawler, Commander, Defender, Dweller, Fusilier, Hunter, Old timer, Tech, Thief, Veteran, Warden and Wasteland Searcher…

It looks like the Forged can not actually take a Flamer as a weapon since none of their models have access to High Tech weapons only Advanced and Wasteland.

Battle mode issues are my next task, so I’ll add this to the list, thanks.

Staggering pipe rifle is in the Pistol list instead of the Rifle list

About the unit list, are there some keynames?
-Chem maker
-Mr. Handy Type-1

Legionary scout appears as Legion scout, the name here is important due the Centurion’s ability.

Most are from the rpg expansion

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