Battlemode 2021 force lists updated and online

@Olli : Even so it still seems the Synth Relay grenade is an issue to me, not to mention it is far more lore breaking than having Gen 1 Synths with regular batons to have BoS or Enclave models using it to summon Synths. While I realize that the desire was still to allow its use for the Sole Survivor it should probably be limited to Institute only.

yes I know, it was like an ironic question because every single faction, even creatures outside battle mode, could have a leader with a card, so the main question is… should not be there, in the creature list, a model wich could equip a leader card? or at least the creature controller card? Is it the only list that could not choose a leader card?
I know they cannot equip a leader card, but I think they need an exception in someway to get less confusing with creature rules, because it is mandatory to use a non creature model with the leader card in the others modes of play… Someone like the Mechanist, maybe the Antagonizer :grinning:??

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I posted this in the discord as well, but unless the Mojave is bringing in some more heavy-duty hardware, this might be a typo.

Also, the mechanists armor is listed as a robot item- does that mean robots can wear it?

@DK-dark : As I mentioned above, they do technically have one figure that can equip a Leader card namely the Alien. He just cannot equip the specific Creature Controller one.

@AChapin : I expect that the Mechanist’s Armor is another example of cards that will need updating due to this new format. I think the main issue is that many items were always intended to allow them to also be used by the Sole Survivor and so they did not have unit limits on them or enough unit limits for this new format. I am also pretty sure that a 100mm pistol is probably a typo :grinning:

Oh sorry, I did not see that one, and I thought just in the creature controller, so…pfff :sweat_smile: Maybe Alien is updated to Creature faction but no creature type so he gets the option to take the creature controller, that could be a good option meanwhile :grinning:

Is there a list of what costs have changed? If not in this update, at least for future rebalances? It’d be really convenient and helpful, and presumably not too difficult to generate.

Yes, it would be really good, at least as the others documents in magenta :grinning:

Please do not hit me, but I think these are all the changes that where made

Item Classification Current caps Changes
Environmental Suit Advanced Items 20 15
Atom Cats Jacket And Jeans Wasteland Items 5 12
Battered Fedora Wasteland Items 8 12
Camouflage Advanced Items 6 22
Dirty Postman Uniform Wasteland Items 5 12
Eyeglasses Advanced Items 3 7
Institute Division Head Coat High Tech Items 4 7
Institute Lab Coat High Tech Items 6 7
Military Fatigues Advanced Items 4 7
Patched Three-Piece Suit Wasteland Items 4 12
Road Googles Wasteland Items 3 7
Robotic Bits Advanced Items 3 7
Tricorn Hat Wasteland Items 5 7
Admin Password Advanced Items 8 25
Skeleton Key Wasteland Items 8 25
Fat Man High Tech Items 60 45
Final Judgement High Tech Items 27 35
Gatling Laser High Tech Items 25 30
Heavy Incinerator High Tech Items 25 35
Powerful Upgrades 8 16
Gauss Rifle High Tech Items 40 42
Plasma Rifle High Tech Items 24 19
Alien Unit 80 97
Aviator Unit 88 95
Brute Unit 87 95
Colonel Autumn Unit 115 103
Dog Unit 80 70
Dogmeat Unit 95 83
Dogmeat Guard Dog Unit 95 83
Dogmeat Scout Unit 100 86
Enclave Soldier Unit 80 95
Fist Unit 79 86
Hammer Unit 105 109
Hellfire Trooper Unit 90 108
Hound Master Unit 63 90
Knight Unit 65 62
Lancer Unit 60 57
Lancer-Captain Kells Unit 88 80
Legion Mongrel Unit 60 65
Lieutenant Unit 57 62
Master Unit 100 107
Mutant Hound Unit 63 65
Nuka-Girl Unit 85 100
Radscorpion Unit 77 82
Sole Survivor Unit 103 107
Sole Survivor Day One Unit 81 85
Sole Survivor Loner Unit 123 126
Sole Survivor Tech Unit 85 88
Strong Unit 80 86
Super Mutant Unit 40 42
Tesla Soldier Unit 85 101
Warrant Officer Unit 60 71
Young Radscorpion Unit 48 54

In regard to creatures and leaders - the new battlemode will remove the necessity for a creature / robot controller, so you play pure creatures and robots (with addition of the mechanist)

The mechanists armour is a very strong and special armour. We wanted to limit the accessibility to the mechanist alone by putting it to the robot items. Maybe we will put it into “special items” in the future. And no, robots can’t use it :slight_smile:


And Frank Horrigan! He has changed A LOT of points :sweat_smile:

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True - also the Deathclaw Matriarch… Thanx for the reminder

Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 12.53.46 AM

Another issue - the Staggering Pipe Rifle is listed as a pistol. I’m pretty sure this should be under the Rifle section, right?

One question: Currently, the Battle Mode points list and the Unit and Item Costs PDFs from the main downloads page have different costs for the same items. Should the Battle Mode points be considered the current/most up-to-date values, or are there different costs for these items based on which mode is being played?

The Battlemode file is newer. More dev and testing has been done that has lead to this.

We will align both sets of points with the New Vegas releases.

Thanks for the info!

Two other things:

1 - There is a set of “Super Mutant Items”, but none of the Super Mutants can take them.
Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 1.46.55 AM

2 - For the Enclave, the Sentry Bot costs 253 caps. For the robot faction, it costs 270. For every other cross-faction model the cost has been the same for each faction. Is this an exception, or a typo?

  1. They do this with the Enslaved Tech as well. This is very likely a reflection of the model’s usefulness in the list, the way it fills a gap in the skills or abilities available in that faction. The Enslaved Tech offers a computer skill that Super Mutants wouldn’t normally have.

Not entirely sure, but I suspect the reasoning is going to be something similar to that.

Both are mistakes

  1. We are already aware of this mistake, but thanks for pointing it out

  2. That’s a new one - both should be the same caps.

Hi! Sentry bot should be the same caps, but what amount is right?? Robot list? Enclave list? Same for Enslaved tech?
I have question too about the new adition to the batle mode list, the turrets.
I don’t understand well how they work, do you need to deploy them in your deployment zone or they are items (rifle?) wich you deploy them spending an action (or free?), in contact with your base?
Turrets inhibitors is used for avoid turrets to attack you, but I have read in the rules a turret don’t attack you if you own it, what is the purpose of that gear??

The Robot list is newer, so I would assume it is the correct one.

I don’t know, the points for Enclave was new too, both point lists were released the same day