Creature Controller/Creature Faction and units that cannot use Chems

I’m curious about how this would all play out. If I have a unit as a creature controller, say Grognak, that is restricted and cannot use Chems but then I make them a creature controller in a creature faction can they use Stimpacks on their creatures as per the reference card?

Are my dreams of my very own Beastmaster barbarian hopes dashed?


I’m afraid your hopes are dashed. All the rule on the Creature Faction card allows is the use of Stimpaks on other models. If the Creature Controller cannot use Stimpaks (such as Grognak) in the first place, they cannot use Stimpaks on other models through the reference card rule. This is because they have a rule on their card which prevents use of that item in the first place.


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Thanks. That’s what I figured but I thought I’d check.

Since I’m playing into the vault with this setup I’ll likely just house rule sharing food outside of combat.