Centaurs and Chem Makers and Stalkers oh my!

I notice there are several units listed on the Story Mode Point cost download thingo that don’t have corresponding miniatures nor previews as far as I can determine. The Centaur Lash and Vomit have weapon cards though. Also, there are weapons such as Broadsider (a unique missile launcher?) that don’t seem to be in the pdf.
Additionally, the Stalker leader card is not listed. I suggest it is not free, but maybe taken out for being overpowered?

yet :wink: The centaurs got delayed, but will be arriving in all their terrifying glory soon.

Please add your query about the Stalker and the Broadsider to the rules sub forum and the team will pick it up in the next round of changes.


Cheers! I will try and remember to do that, but my connection with the reality is spotty at best.