Can coursers benefit from chems?

They’re obviously synths, but they don’t have the tag that would prevent them from using chems. Is this accurate?

As far as I remember from talking to James about it, it is deliberate as gen 3 synths are essentially human so suffer the same perks/negatives.
EG Danse can be given stim packs/chems and “spoilers”.

So, I think yes, but I will move this to the rules section for the team to 100% answer.

I remember this was changed for rules purposes; at the beginning, it was a Synth, but later was corrected with others like X6-88 (the synth icon was removed and the radiation armor rating was changed from a X to a number), so now he is completely like a human.
Note this errata is wrong here in the last line😅 Mutant Hound Fiend has radiation armor rating X not 1.

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Rules-as-written, the synth rules regarding item restrictions don’t apply to Coursers.

While not an official breakdown, check out my Institute review (between the 1:20 - 2:00 mark) where I go over the Synth restrictions.

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Hey there @Hecaton. I’m one of the internal playtesters here at Modiphius. We’ve been tasked with gathering up rules queries like these and bringing them up with the Devs as appropriate.

I’ll get an answer to this one to you by the end of this week - sorry for keeping you waiting!


Hey @Hecaton ,

Coursers in the Fallout universe are Generation 3 Synths which are all but distinguishable from Humans, in fact many Gen 3 Synths are not aware they are Synths instead believing they are Human.

In regards to using Chems, as they do not feature the Synth Type Icon on their Unit Card, they can use and benefit from Chems like any other ‘standard’ model.