Can Z2-47 be given Ghoulish trait

So can I give Z2-47 the ghoulish trait and all of the other synths for tht matter the trait, along with a gamma gun and shoot them to heal them?

Am I asking this in the wrong place maybe? My idea is if they are engaged, and my roll on the dice say I target my character, will I be able to heal them in this manner.

From a rules perspective you would probably be able to do this - from a logical / story background it is rather pointless, as he is Gen3 Synth - meaning in fact he a highly developed robot that just looks like a human.

In order to get ghulish, your body needs to mutate - how should a robot mutate?

3rd gen synths are biological almost identical to humans and it’s nearly impossible to tell a 3rd gen copy from it’s original. That’s because they are constructed mostly from organic matter and not mechanical parts.

I don’t know if they suffer in the same way as real humans from radiation, hunger or thirst. Coursers are at the very least enhanced versions of 3rd gen synths to improve their combat effectivness. However they’re still biological, so ghoulification is not completely out of question.

Assuming that it is indeed possible for a 3rd gen synth to mutate from radiation, I doubt that it would happen to a courser. If radiation were a problem, the Institute would treat them with rad-x and rad-away. Even if ghoulification might prove useful, you wouldn’t want to risk losing a useful tool to radiation poisoning.

Brief answer:
Possible gameplay-wise, but not believeable fluff-wise.

Thank you for the response. Your reasoning makes since.