Synth and the wave 9 changea

Hi, due to the rulea update the armor of all synth are set to 0/0. Yet they cant take any armor.

Is this intended?

I think I have read they would have armor ratings as robots have

The wording from the expansions book says other: “As of the release of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Nuka-World,
all non-creature, non-robot Human/Synth models set their basic
armor values to 0 0 -.”

So if they say gen 1 and 2 a robot synth, then what are normak synth? Rules as written, crousers are not synth

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Coursers and all synths without mark.

Again the only cards which indicate a “rulewise” synth are battle gen 1, gen 1, patroller and trooper.

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Coursers are considereded human models, they have even a rad armor rating, so they can wear armor.
About normal synth models (models with the synth symbol) I think I have read they are going to have their own armor, because they cannot wear armor/clothing items.

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Thats what jon said during playtesting

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ya I think the intended change are only for human (gen 3 ) synths but they’re not marked as synths on their cards.

Bump. This needs clarification.

Gen 1 and Gen 2 Synths will keep their current Armor Values, with Gen 3 being effected by the Nuka World change.


What about A-2018…
They have the synth’s icon but lost their armour.
What are they supposed to be set at?

Should be 3/2/X