Models vs Cards?

After having played with Super Mutants for a while, I’m now starting to look at the Brotherhood, and I’m finding a few weird differences between the models and cards, and was wondering if there was an explanation?

The first one is Knight-Captain Cade. His AI card lists Power armour and a las rifle for him. The model, though, is clearly not wearing power armour, and has a smaller base than other power armour models. Why was the choice made to give him power armour on his AI card? If I field Cade with Power Armour, does this mean I shouldn’t be using his normal miniature?

The next weirdness is with the Knight Patrol models. These are fairly clearly modeled as wearing combat armour. And yet, their armour stats are exactly the same as a Lancer, wearing a jump suit, and only mildly higher than a Field Scribe? Why are their armour values so low? What exactly is the default Knight assumed to be wearing? Do I need to actually add Combat Armour equipment to every Knight? How does this relate to Battle Mode, where Combat Armour doesn’t even seem to be an option?

Re Cade: you’re right that if you field him with power armor you’ll need to use a power armor model instead. Same thing applies to Danse but in reverse; his model has power armor, but he also doesn’t come with it automatically, so if you field him without it you need to use a different model. Basically, for each Brotherhood character, they can be fielded with or without power armor, so they arbitrarily made some of the models in power armor and some out of it, and leave it to us to sort out when that doesn’t match up with how we’re running them.

Power armor is sort of a weird case though, because usually the game is explicitly not WYSIWYG. But since power armor changes your base size, it actually is important to model correctly. Something like combat armor on the knight patrols, on the other hand, isn’t meant to always match up between the physical models and their equipment.

Or make a larger base that can be stuck to the bottom of your model in case he’s wearing PA :slight_smile:

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Good news is for Maxson, he’s coming both in and out of power armour.

The AI version of the models are often (but not always) the “iconic” version of a model. Sculpts and rules were done slightly in isolation at first due to the time frames, but from wave 2 onwards we have worked more closely between departments to make things more player friendly.


Excellent, that’s what I like to hear - easy for me is good :slight_smile:

So, can you explain how you picked the card default armour values for models at all? KC Cade is wearing exactly the same outfit as a Field Scribe, and has significantly better armour values? But his armour stats don’t quite match the AI-default power armour?

That’s a James question as he is the engine behind rules and stats.

As Jon mentioned, the sculpts of some units in Wave 1 were created in separation to the base stats and is something that will more co-ordinated going forwards. However, it is important to note that whilst called armor ratings, the armor ratings are about how likely some of the damage will not affect a model so are not just about how tough a model’s armor is - other factors are involved such as how agile they are, if they’re experienced in combat, etc. and the factors can be good or bad. So the ratings are not solely about the clothing/armor they are wearing.

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So to be clear: if we’re fielding Danse without power armor equipped, we would need to use a different model to represent him since his default model comes in the larger power armor base (as opposed to the smaller non-power armor human-sized base)?

that is Correct

I must have missed that info about Maxson, but that makes me incredibly ecstatic!

I’m not sure you do. I mean the guy has physical armour 4 as standard which is better than power armour anyway so obviously is in pretty heavy armour regardless to upgrades.

You can get high armour ratings from upgrade cards, but those don’t affect the miniatures base (and so don’t affect things like movement, range measuring, close combat slides, etc). Because power armour does affect the base size, and thus affects things aside from just armour ratings, really he should be fielded as a model on a smaller base if not wearing it. I don’t think most people would mind when doing friendly matches and so on though :slight_smile:

If we field a Paladin or a Knight in Settlement Mode, the AI card doesn’t list Power Armor. Since it was said they were “iconic”, does that mean they come with the power armor for “free” in Settlement Mode?

Or do we have to buy a Power Armor Workbench and the associated structures so any Paladins or Knights we enlist can be equipped with Power Armor from our stores from game to game?

Have to buy it unless it say equiped with on the card or the AI

As TheOldBadger says, you need to buy them.

The reason for this is so it is not easy to start a settlement and immediately field a force full of power armor just due to the Units selected. There are a few Units which have power armor as their standard equipment (on their AI card), such as Paladin Danse, but they are unique. Earning/scavenging/finding power armor is part of building your settlement.

Power Armor Stations let you draw Mods and fix degraded power armor, but not draw power armor cards. To draw power armor cards, your settlement will need Scavenging structures to try to draw Power Armor cards, or you may gain them through other means such as the Quest called ‘The Armor Fanatic’. Once you’ve found power armor, the Maintenance Sheds and Stores allow you to retain it after battle and take it into the next battle (and the new FAQ will add a structure called ‘Lockers’ which will allow you to keep hold of items you do not take into a battle).

Life is hard in the Wasteland :wink:

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Cool, I just wanted to make sure.
I just thought it was unusual because the Paladin comes with a Gatling laser, but you have to be STR 7 to use it. His base STR is “only” 6, so you have to buy power armor for him so he can use the weapon he gets for free.

or make sure he has enough buffout/beer