Unit Card Confusion

I haven’t really been able to figure out the exact rules for units of models from the rule book, and while I’m pretty sure I know the answer I want to be sure.

So, according to the rule book a unit is comprised of models that are the same as one card and all equipped identically. However, if I wanted I could take multiple cards of the same type, right?

For example, if i wanted I could take a unit of two brotherhood knight patrol with laser rifles and another unit of one brotherhood knight patrol with a combat rifle?

I believe so yes :slight_smile: I think the core intention of the cards is just to give us useful references so that we don’t have to be constantly opening and closing a codex book to different pages, so there’s flexibility in how exactly you use it. Some people prefer to have a card for each model, while others just have them in a pile at the side and check the relevant one as needed.

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There is a rule stating a unit can be a single model, and I see nothing that limits the number of each unit you can take (ie. 2 units of settlers), thus your (OP) example seems perfectly legal.

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Like Alateir and haytu2 mentioned, a player can split their models across multiple Unit cards if they wish, so 3 Knight Patrol could be all on one Unit card, or 1 on each of three Knight Patrol cards, or even 2 Knight Patrol on one card plus 1 on another.

The main reason for this approach is just one of administrative preference. Using a single Unit card allows players to have as few cards on the table (by having multiple models in a Unit all equipped the same) but it also allows players who want more detail to have every model equipped differently with a Unit card for each model.

There is almost no difference between multiple models in one Unit compared to multiple single-model Units. As mentioned, it’s primarily about simplicity and minimizing components for a simpler game. However, there is one small difference. If a unit consists of multiple models and is equipped with a limited use item, such as three grenades or one stimpak, any of the models in that unit could use those items - they are not allocated to a specific model (they’re always just where you need them) - which gives more flexibility. If units are single-model units then you don’t have that option, but then they can use some items that multiple-model units can’t like power armor and chems, and can have different loadouts too. (Note that any items pick-up by a model during a battle are only located on that specific model, even if in a Unit with multiple models).



Thanks for the clarification, and I appreciate the simplicity. I think it’s a good idea.

However, you may want to consider being a little more strict when it comes to Battle Mode. Perhaps rule on doing it one way or the other. Not because it makes a big difference to the game, but just because when local stores try to hold tournaments and the like, there is always that 1 player that will be ultra-competitive and try to challenge every rules ambiguity possible…

It’s not something I would personally ever worry about, but I’ve played enough Magic: The Gathering in my past to know these kinds of things are common in a tournament setting.

There’s always TFG in any game community, the clearer the rules the harder it is for them to cheat.

Thanks, very helpful. I like that both options have small ups and downs to them.

Thanks for all the replies, folks

Agreed. I’ll mention it to the Wargames team as they are the keepers of Battle Mode.

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So, this clears up some stuff for me… but I am still a little confused on a part.

When building a unit, all units must equip the same and the single use stuff is shared.
So, if I’m building a BOS team and I include a unit of 2 knight patrol, and I want to equip them with laser rifles, as far as caps are concerned, I need to purchase 2 laser rifles for the unit. Same with armor and whatnot? But then if I purchase Jet, I can just purchase 1 jet, but that is for the unit to use?

Also, you said there are things multi model units cannot use like power armor and chems. First, where does it say which items can be for multi model units and which can? Also, can I not then take a Unit of 2 Paladins who both have power armor? Also, you mentioned chems as something multi model units cannot take, so this means my previous example of sharing a Jet between a Unit doesn’t work?

Maybe I misunderstood, I do have rum in my system, but I am confused about this.


The rules for all of this is on page 26 of the Campaign Handbook. Basically what it comes down to is that if the item is represent by a card which will be flipped, or slided to show different bonuses then a unit can not use it. I guess it’s so there can’t be any confusion over which model’s power armor is damaged and which isn’t, or which bonus the chem is using this turn on one model which is different from another model’s bonus.
Thus, if I am correct (which I often am not), your 1st example is fine except for the Jet. In the second you would not be able to take a unit of 2 Paladins in power armor (but you could take 2 units of 1 Paladin each in power armor).
The only thing units seem to do is allow you to use consumables where needed and keep track of multiple models with a single unit card. If you want you could never field a unit and just use a card for every model.

haytu2 is right and has answered the key points. I just wanted to add that the Unit/Equipment card rules are primarily there to allow minimise the amount of cards on the table for simplicity, whilst players that want different loadouts per model can do that too (especially by printing out extra Unit/Equipment cards which can be downloaded for free). Chems and Power Armor can only be used by single-model Units so it’s clear which model is using what (as haytu2 mentioned) as it would become confusing if two models using the same Unit card were both using Jet but began using it during different rounds. Overall, it’s a question of personal preference for book-keeping, just so long as it’s clear to you and your opponent who has what.

I notice some of the scenarios involve alternating deploying UNITS. Would it not be more effective to run every unit as one model so you can counter your enemies deployment more easily for these scenarios?

The default is to deploy one model at a time and those scenarios that mention deploying one unit at a time were just to change the usual model-by-model set-up. We’ll probably stick to one model at a time in the future. Feel free to deploy one model at a time if you and your opponent would prefer.