Units question - multiples of the same unit type?

Quick (hopefully) question around units. I took it that all models of a certain type had to all form a unit together with the same equipment (so all settlers in a force had to be armed the same - aside from sharable stuff). Just saw another interpretation where you could have 2 units of settlers equipped differently in the same force.

Now I’m wondering which one is right from the rules position? Checked the wording and it could conceivably be taken either way…

You can have, for example, 6 settlers on your force all equipped the same way. That way, you only need one unit card to keep track of them all.
But you can also have 3 equipped with X and three with Y equipment, which would mean you need 2 unit cards and a way to differentiate them on the battlefield.
If you wanted to, you could even have 6 settlers with 6 different equipment load-outs.

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Yeah it’s as Noshrok says, you can have them all as a single unit equipped the same way if you want, but you can also have them split into lots of different units. I usually field each model as its own unit, but I imagine it might be easier to have them grouped together more if you’re fielding a larger force

What NoshrokGrimskull and Alaiteir say is correct. Having Units of single-models or multiple models is mainly down to your book-keeping preferences - having one Unit of 6 models all equipped the same makes for a simpler game as it requires fewer cards to look for both players, but players can have a different loadout of every model if they wish but it means more Unit cards. (A few Items can only be used by single-model Units such as wearing Power Armor, or using chems which have diminishing effects, due to the different states those Items can have.)

Apart from the amount of cards involved, there is one subtle difference between the two approaches. All models in a Unit have access to any Limited Use Items with which they are equipped, i.e. grenades, stimpaks, etc. I made it flexible this way as it can be frustrating to have equipped one model with an Item only to find it would have been better if a different model had it. The in-game context is that the Unit has the Item but the exact model holding it is not known until it is used - I think of it as of Schrodinger’s grenades. If you have all Units as single models then each one’s Limited Use Items are specific to a model but you get the advantage of having different loadouts instead (and the ‘Sharing’ rule (available no matter how you group your models) also allows models to access items of others nearby too).


Thanks for the clarification. As a suggestion, it might want to be put into the FAQ at some stage just so that everyone is clear about it.