Two questions: rules and red rocket

Hello everyone, got a questions for everyone now that I have a few games under my belt.

  1. What are the restrictions and differences between single and multi model units? Unique units are always single models but can you take single settler and get the benefits of being a single model? Can you take two groups of multi model units with different equipment if you have two cards and a to differentiate them? The rules concerning these differences are spread out so any help would be appreciated.

  2. Anyone having any luck reinforcing the red rocket building or attaching it to the base? I feel like might accidentally break it haha.

For the first question, this thread should hopefully provide the answers: Units question - multiples of the same unit type? :slight_smile:

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I actually asked a number of multi-model unit questions on different forums and the Discord group when I first started learning the rules, including whether multi-model units like the settler would have the advantages of being a single model (using limited use items, being leader, heroic, etc.). Modiphius themselves answered them, and I found a few other responses by Modiphius on other forums. Here is their response to one of my questions from the Discord Group, which is the same as your first question:

  1. Are multi-model units (like Settlers and Minutemen) always considered multi-model units, or are they considered and granted the advantages of single-model units when there is only one model of that unit in play?
    A: Yes they can be solo and treated as such.

Game creator James Sheahan made a comment on BoardgameGeek which I think speaks to your second question:

As a bit of background on this, the rules were created to deliver as few cards on the table as possible to make it as accessible as possible to gamers of all types/experience-levels. The Unit system means multiple-model units are more like background characters and the single-model units are the stars - and it’s the stars that get to use the more advanced items. However, if preferred, players can have one Unit card for every model if they want allowing every model to have different equipment and use the diminishing items and power armor. I know some players will prefer this amount of detail, so it’s also possible within the current rules.

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To attach the Red Rocket Building to the base, I used a binder clip. I stretched it out a little, removed the handles, painted and glued it to the base along the intersection of two walls to keep it from sliding. It worked pretty well. I reinforced the pieces as Battle Systems suggests by penning them with matching colors and using brush-on liquid superglue.

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Thank you for the replies! That clears up the rules quite a bit. I’ll have to try your method of attaching the building too.