Modifications and units

I’ve been perusing the rulebook in preparation of my starter set arriving, and I’ve come across something that doesn’t seem to be explicitly laid out - at least not in the main rulebook or the errata.

How do mods work in relation to units? As my understanding goes, a unit can be multiple models that all share a single set of equipment cards. Sturges, for instance, allows for mods to be randomly drawn and then applied to weapon cards - is this able to be applied to a unit of settlers, so they all gain the advantage? I feel like it shouldn’t, but I can’t seem to find an explicit ruling.

A unit shares equipment cards to keep the number of cards down, each one of them does in fact have his/her own Hunting Rifle or say Power Armor. In that regard you would’nt keep track of wounds on a single shared Power Armor, but on the individual Power Armor that suffered damage.
The only time you do Share items is with Limited Use Items (which Mods usually don’t fall under), where you get to decide who actually has the item until you need it (Schrödinger’s item if you will).
Mods can’t be fitted or changed during a battle though, so you would need to assign it to one specific weapon/armor before the game starts.
And if you are in a campaign you need to have enough structures to retain those extra mods, if you want to keep them.

Mods are like other item cards (except they can only be equipped when attached to the appropriate type of item). A Unit with multiple models, like 3 Settlers, could be equipped with hunting rifles and a rifle mod (such as Silenced) so long as you pay for 3 hunting rifles and 3 Silenced mods.

Sturges’ ability is a bit unusual as the cards he draws are exactly one of each mod. So, these can only be assigned to single-models, i.e. one of his mods could not be given to all 3 Settlers in a Unit. The cost for these mods is built-into his total caps cost (which is why it’s only one of each and his cost is quite high). As a result, it’s often the case Sturges uses one mod for himself and one for another single-model unit.

Note that, when playing Settlement mode, the mods Sturges draws due to his ability get discarded at the end of a battle and the player does not receive caps for those (as these count as equipment they started the battle with which does not get cashed in).


Awesome, cheers! I assumed that was how the RAI with Sturges would work out, but wasn’t 100% certain.