Clarification Requested on updates to Perks and Chems

I have a few questions about how perks and chems (and mods) are handled with the new setup in the 2.0 points documents. I think I know the answers, but I would like to be sure. They mainly hinge around the concept of multiple models as part of a single unit.

1- The new points lists say: “Any model in your force may be given one or more Chems. Add the Chem card caps cost to the model’s caps cost.” This means that they can have more than one copy of the same chem, right? So a unit could have 3x stimpaks and 2x pychos?

2- The points list also say: “Any model in your force may be given one or more Perks. Add the Perk card caps cost to the model’s caps cost.” I would assume that the same perk cannot be added multiple times, right? Or if you could (for some reason) the effects would not stack. So even though the chems/perks are worded similarly, they function slightly differently.

3- Perks can only be used by single-model units (Campaign handbook 26). So if you wanted to have 3x Settlers with the Rifleman perk you would have to have them as separate units… It is legal to have multiple single-model units of the same type, correct?

4- A model can have one mod per weapon - but mod costs are not outlined in the battle mode force lists. These just come from the Item and Unit costs PDF, correct?


  1. Yes.

  2. The same Perk cannot be purchased for the same model more than once. (Campaign Handbook p. 5 says ‘A model cannot be assigned the exact same Perk twice.’

  3. Yes.

  4. Yes.

The reason for Single-model Units and Multiple-model Units is primarily for ease of book-keeping allowing players to use just a few cards to represent multiple models if they’re equipped the same, whilst allowing other players to have separate loadouts for every model. Having models with Perks as single-model Units is just to ensure it’s clear which model has a Perk, in the same way as Power Armor and Chems. So, it’s fine for different Units to be the same. (Note that there is one small functional difference between Single-model Units and Multiple-model Units which is that any model in a Multiple-model Units can use Limited Use Items the Unit is equipped with which can be useful.)

Hope that helps,



Perfect, thanks so much!