Do all mods in a unit have to be equippee the same?

In Battlemode, if I’m running, say, 3 psychos, can I equip one with a pipe wrench and another with a sledgehammer, or do they all have to be geared exactly the same?

Yes, you can, you need to use a different unit card for that model, a second Psycho unit card in this case (just to have it clear on the Battlefield)

Where is that explained?

look for multiple-model units ruling in the battle mode handbook, you need to use different unit cards when using different equipment cards or non multiple-model cards like perks.
It was said here you should use a different unit card for every single mini, even if they are the same mini and equipment, when you play Battle Mode, but I did not find anything about that in the Battle Mode handbook.

Battle mode infers it as every model is a single model in that mode, you cannot take multiple models as one group.

Of course, you can have multiple models armed identically, but it is set that way to prevent item sharing (eg grenades/stimm packs being used by any of the models in one group).

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Got it. Unfortunately that wasn’t clear to me at all from reading things.

Rules clarity is something we are working on at present, to help avoid these confusions in the future.

Yeah, I’m reading the Battlemode document that’s current as of Nov 2020, and it doesn’t seem to say that. Is there a more recent document that I’m missing? I can’t find it on the Modiphius website.

I’ll have to dig out my copies, it “was” in there, but I wrote those a long time ago, so maybe it wasn’t …

But either way, the intent is 100% one model, one profile (for Battle Mode only).