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Some pictures and questions after a FWW weekend tournament

Pictures from FWW 750 pts tournament
There are some questions after our weekend tournament:

  1. How does work QUEEN MIRELURK MEAT in the next situation:
    A) on round 1 before his activation Brute with 8 END suffer 3 wounds and now have only 5 health;
    B) after his activation Brute takes QUEEN MIRELURK MEAT, receives a +2 bonus to his END, and heals 5 wounds (now has 10 END and 10 health).
    C) on round 2 a Brute suffer 2 damage and now have 8 health and 10 END.
    D) on round 3, +2 bonus to Brute`s END is over, now his END is 8 again and Brute has 8 health.
    That is right?

  2. If on step C Brute hasn’t taken 2 damage and stays with 10 END and 10 Health, what will be at step D with his heath?
    A) His Health will be 8 as his END after +2 bonus over;
    B) His Health will be 10 and his END is 8 after +2 bonus over.

  3. In the new Battle mod Super Mutants list a Suicader has access to the Wasteland Items. He cant use weapons because hasnt Skill, but he can take Armor, Clothes and Gear.
    My question is can a Suicider take and use Mines? There is no need to have Skill to do it.

  4. And questions about Mines are still actual.
    are there any limits to the placement of the mines?
    A) Can it be placed under enemy models?
    B) Can it be placed not in the LoS of the bearer model?
    C) Can it be placed on the enemy marker?
    D) How can it be placed if a bearer staying on the second floor and want to place it on the first floor?

  5. I think that read somewhere about the units size in the Battle mod, but cant find it now.
    Is the unit in the Battlemod always consist of only one model?
    Even if this model not Unique.

  6. How does Mod “Conditioning: Chief” works?
    By wording, it gives +1 Armor to model in the same unit as a Chief. But all units must be the same, so they all need this mod.

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  1. As the damage tokens do not go away the supermutant goes back to END 8 and therefore has only 6 life remaining

  2. 8 END / 8 Health

  3. Will check

  4. B is a no, others will check

  5. Battlemode does not use units over 1

  6. Will Check

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  1. Agree to what @TheOldBadger says in regards to the wounds… the tokens do not go away, so the brute would end up with 6 health remaining in your example

  2. He will go back to Health 8

  3. Not covered by the rules - but I would prohibit it

A) No
B) No
D) No
D) Measure the distance vertically… people could throw the mine

  1. @Modiphius-Jon mentioned that
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Wait wait… one model per unit? is it mandatory in battle mode? even the battle mode handbook does not say anything about limits on models/units, so what is the limit in this moment? Could not you repeat units in a force??

as I understand, every model is a unit, so no units of the multiple models in the Battle mod.

ok, but could I use 6 units (with 6 different cards) even if they are the same 6 models individually??

Yes, by my mind. We do such constantly.

Ok, I would play like 30 hatchings and a Wild young mirelurk queen in a tournament with 500 caps battle mode, I don’t mind to print the cards :sweat_smile:, I could get the objectives, block a lot of areas, and even conquer a place to “capture 1 VP per round” :sweat_smile:

That would be a very boring army to play against… but whatever you wanna do…

hahaha that’s right, but it wins tournaments easily. I would not play that in home with friends, but I would if I play a 500-750 caps battle mode tournament and want to get some prizes :sweat_smile: it is really good, the opponent would not have enough actions to play against, and you could block the victory point zones and their objective point markers, blocking a lot of routes positioning against terrain, so you block a lot of paths, and engaging everyone… even better that radroaches for the price, with 40mm base width, and don’t count as normal size like radroaches… if you attack, even with AoE, you cannot reach everything and you need to lost all your time and actions killing these bugs, and with Unnerving from the queen (with good presence)… really hard to beat it, and I think they are really cheap, with a 40mm base… not counting as normal size… and no models limit in battle mode?..all in :sweat_smile:

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That’s why we have a model limit in our tournaments. It would be really boring watching you move around those minis - and at our tournaments the main reason to participate is to have fun and not to win.

Regardless of that, this list would never have a chance to win a tournament here in Germany as it is missing expertise models for lockpicking and computer

And how much is that limit in your tournaments? Because I would like to have it too (and even better if they state that in the official battle mode handbook, I think the battle mode is created to play tournaments, with restricted forces/equipment, and no ambiguous rules or house ruling, you need to state strictly the ruling before organize/invite people of another provinces/countries, usually the official ruling of a mode designed for it).
You don’t really need to move everything, just in the first/second round, as I said, you only need to block with your creatures some specific points and routes of the battlefield. You can move 15 and the rest you don’t need to move them a lot, just to block your home if the scenario have the capture zone, or move to the center to block the markers and the routes to them.
Regarding the tournament, if I pay an entry €€, I would like to win something :sweat_smile: and don’t get owned by a player that could use the rules to use 30 minis, it would be frustating to lose against a lot of cheap bugs :sweat_smile:. That would be fun, seeing how your opponent cannot do nothing against a really big swarm of bugs, trying to pass through and wasting their actions to kill all the critters :sweat_smile: to get the markers, even with grenades or fire :sweat_smile: trying to put out all the radroaches or hatchings from their bodies.
As far as I know, I could get my 5 objective markers with melee, search and presence, and the rest of victory points are either a search test or capturing/touching a marker, so there is no need at all of lockpicking or computer… Maybe if you do some “house ruling” of the battle mode…

I get the impression we have a different approach on gaming but thats fine. For me it is essential, that my gaming partner (I hate to call them opponents) enjoys the game. If he does not, there is quite a big chance that he does not want to play with me anymore…and thats not what I personally want to achieve. For me attending a tournament is a weekend of fun with fellow gamers that are also enjoying themselves - not destroying them just to proove that I am the best…

To answer your questions: Caps limit is quite low: 8 models on 600 caps for example. We also do not use the published battlemode scenarios as they do not reflect the point costs of the models. Models do pay for their expertise skills, so they have to be reflected in the game. Future releases of battlemode will change that…

We enjoy the game, and the matches that we play, there is no rude people or another kind of misunderstanding of the game, just people who enjoy building a force and look for a strategy to win against another player, with a context of official rules. Sometimes we played at home normal mode with settlement (even funnier for me), and sometimes with battle mode to have an understanding of a well tested and restricted lists (we suppose the lists and the rules here are more reliable because it is more restricted and professional, so the cost points and the access to equipment should be really tested to have a balance, if not, it would not have any sense the first page of the handbook that says you should have everything pretty balanced in a tournament play, like the quantity/range of terrain, trying to have everything evenly in the battlefield), and being ready for a tournament or more serious gaming, so we test a random sceneario from the handbook and play with 500 caps, looking for the best tactics to win, and we have met with that possibility, and it works, maybe for the rules of play, maybe for the actual battle mode’s rules, perhaps this mode needs a revision or the units/unit’s costs.
I would be glad if Modiphius really looks for improve this part of the game, making some new scenarios and maybe restricting even more the forces and/or the battle mode play, like the limits of models per unit, or a maximun number of models each 250 caps (like heavy weapons), I am sure there are a lot of things to specify in this mode (like the question about Sturges the other day in Facebook group, people need to know how to use some cards in battle mode).