What's going on with BoS?

I’m confused. Can anyone explain the changes/alternate reality that is happening with BoS in the capital expansion?

It all started when I went looking for the unit card for the ‘BoS Medium Combat Armour Troop’ (as they are named on the box containing their miniatures). In the Capital book there is no card so named. There is however a picture of the 3 figs but here they are called ‘Aspirants’. And again, no card with that name.

The Capital cards do include the ‘Initiate’ figures which have similar armour. However, these are (as afar as I can tell) simply duplicates of the formerly named ‘Knight Patrol’ including the same picture as was used on the Knight Patrol.

Can anyone enlighten me? Is the card for the ‘Aspirant/Medium Combat Armour Troop’ missing or should I be using the ‘Initiate/Knight Patrol’ card?

As I understand it, the Initiates are simply the new name of the former Knights Patrol. And the new figures are simply new models for them. Knights Patrol=Initiates. Its the same. Just new Models and Name.

= aspirants = medium combat armour troop

Thanks StarKraut.

Seems the most likely explanation. Would be nice if modiphius could be clear on this. 4 different names for the same unit is confusing and can even be considered misleading (when purchasing). Furthermore, this is a lost opportunity to have varied the unit slightly with either small changes to their attributes or a new special ability which would have added value and minor differentiation. Would have been easy, nearly effortless, and they could have been proxied as knights patrol or initiates if needed. Flexibility = value = more sales.

Didn’t really need more of the same unit. All that this does is effectively double the price of the new Recon unit that came in the same box.

Oh well, beautiful models nonetheless.

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