Lancers from core box set

Just brought the brotherhood of steel core box set and I’m a little disappointed, two pieces were broken and I’m sure modphipus will replace them but, I was even more disappointed with the quality of the lancers the clarity on the two models seems really bad I can barely pick out any of the details. What do you guys think of the lancers? Have I got a duff batch

I haven’t picked up the BOS core set myself so can’t speak for the quality of the lancers, but Modiphius customer support was great at replacing a damaged component when I contacted them

I can confirm this. I’ve contacted customer support a couple of times, and they’re both quick and efficient in getting situations fixed. They asked me for pictures of the items that weren’t right (Was missing a couple of models with a really large order, had a couple of damaged miniatures in a couple of the core boxes I ordered, and got some incorrect dice. Every issue I had was resolved quickly and the people I talked with were very friendly about it.)

Looking at your picture, I can see that you have the broken gun. I don’t really see a lack of detail though? I can see the face, buckles, seams, all of the detail work I would expect on the model?

On a side note, the damaged model is a relevant complaint. At the same time, from the looks of the model, it should be an easy fix. Spot of glue where the gun is broken off and another at the wrist that attaches to the other arm, . . . . you probably won’t even be able to tell it was broken once it’s assembled and painted.

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I’m sure Modiphius will be happy to replace it and twice as happy if the model can be salvaged.

Yea I’m sure modiphious will help me out.

Does anyone have any tips for painting the lancers? They look quite difficult. Also some pics of peoples work would be nice to see.

Oh… I’m really struggling to glue these models together I’ve broken another model, that’s two in the box that have broken now I’ve broken one.

They are very delicate!! I think I may of wasted my money on this core box.

On the plus side In the natural day light the lancers look a lot better. When I was looking at them yesterday the light must of been bad.

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It helps to use a sharp hobby knife or pair of side cutting pliers when removing the minis from the sprue ( ), they can be quite fragile. Take your time with each piece, and try dry fitting (placing the pieces together where they should go without glue, to check how they fit together) before gluing :slight_smile:

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Out of curiosity, you’re new to the hobby?

You might want to look into some tools. A good knife, a set of snips, and good glue.

You should be able to find an exacto knife at any store that sells hobby supplies. Same with a set of hobby snips. Then I personally like to use the gel style super glue as it stays where you put it, actually holds small parts in place, and is fairly easy to use.

And always be careful with delicate parts of models. I know when I was just starting to get into the miniatures hobby, I broke a few models too. There’s a learning curve, the most important thing is to take your time and be careful.

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Well I got the two lancers painted after some repair work. Here are some pics, can I have some honest feedback, I won’t get offended with constructive feedback. I wish the organge suits were a tad brighter and I shouldn’t of added a wash to the white helmets. However overall not to bad, I know I won’t win any awards but hopefully good enough for the tabletop? What do you guys think?

image image


Honest feedback:
-The number one thing with this hobby is keeping the paint where it belongs. And with the exception of a little bit of skin tone around the face on the helmet, you did a pretty darn good job.
-You took the time to add the detail work, the black seam on the pants, the silver buckles on the jacket. That looks great.
-Overall, I think they look pretty good. But to me they look incomplete.
-The bases need some work. That’s supposed to be concrete and rubble beneath their feet, hit it with a gray paint, then follow up with a wash to bring out the detail.
-The faces. I’m terrible with faces, and in my experience it’s one of the biggest issues with a lot of modelers. Consider hitting the faces with a wash, “Soft Tone” from “Army Painter” or something similar will help bring a lot of definition to the face even if you choose to not do any further work to them.

Are these your first models? If so, it’s an outstanding first time painting. If not, then it’s still respectable work.

Another little thing to keep in mind: Try to work on the models you like least first. It gives you a chance to practice so that your favorite models turn out a little better. :wink:

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Thanks for the feedback.

I’ve probably painted around 15 miniatures now so I’m still very much a novice. To be honest I found these to be quite difficult, picking out the detail on the models wasn’t easy, and painting straight black lines wasn’t particularly easy.

When the wash dries on the bases I’ll go back and add some extra detail. Like some dry rust to the steel beams etc and as you suggested hit the rubble with some grey paint. I might even add some foliage.

I’m trying to get the basics right and not go to crazy with minor details. To be honest I enjoy the painting, it’s kind of relaxing, and as long as my models are an ok table top standard then I’m happy for now.

Faces I’ve read they are very difficult to execute nicely.

For the faces I used army painter corpse pale with a soft tone but I didn’t come out to well. What do you think of just using a flesh wash next time? Would that work?


Typically, all I do is do my base coat, then follow that with a wash followed by a drybrush of the original color again. It adds some detail and isn’t difficult to do.

100% Yeah, give a flesh wash a try over your skin tone. It will do wonders for the facial features.

And I consider myself fairly inexperienced too. I’ve painted a couple hundred models or so, but am only up to about a dozen since this game came out (I’d put up all my paints about 8 years ago when my boys were born, they’re just now getting where they’re not getting into stuff so I can do models again.)

First of all, let me say I think they look pretty good. Especially considering you’re just getting started.

As far as feedback and tips go, Gatekeeper covered a lot of good stuff. But I’ll touch on a few things, including my own bits for stuff he covered.

  1. Clean lines help a lot. So take some time to go back as you work to fix areas where there was heavier bleed over. Don’t sweat the smaller stuff, as a good wash can hide a lot of that.

  2. To go with that, you did a good job on the detail pieces. It may be a pain sometimes, but it helps a lot in the overall look of the piece. Besides, the more the eye has to look at, the less it sees in terms of any minors errors there may be. For some of the raise thin bits, it can sometimes be easier to use the side of the brush, rather than the tip.

  3. It sounds like you have a good base for skin tone. What Gatekeeper does is great advice. I do something similar, just in a different order. I’ll base in one color, dry brush in a lighter color, then apply flesh wash. After I’m done with the whole piece, I tend to go over the whole thing with a really thinned “Soft Tone” from Army Painter. It helps bring it all together in my opinion.

  4. Speaking of washes. I don’t see a problem with the helmets, but admit I have felt the same when applying a wash over something white. The good thing is, Army Painter washes react well to being thinned with water. That will help minimize the tint it leaves behind. I’ve also recently picked up a grey wash from Game Color, and it does well undiluted over white.

  5. Doubling down on the feedback about the bases, but it seems you have that planned out already. Even just slightly different tones between the textures of the rubble will go far. Again, the more the eye sees, the less it sees.


I can’t add much of anything to the advice you’ve already got from GateKeeper and AlxRaven. But I will say they look great for early miniatures and you have made a really solid start to them. :+1:
If you want to brighten up the suits you can always go back over after the wash with the original colour and hit the raised sections to make them pop. You need to be a bit careful not to get a strong line but if you slightly thin the paint it’s normally fine and if it doesn’t work or you don’t like it you can put a small amount of wash on the bit you’ve just painted to blend it back in!
Look forward to seeing what you work on next :slight_smile:

GateKeeper and AlxRaven have covered pretty much all the key things, and your minis certainly look a lot better than my early ones did! As Info suggests, you can layer a colour on, put a wash over it, and then relayer the original colour on the raised areas as a way of making it stand out more. Thinning the paints with a little water can really help with techniques like that, assuming the paints your using are water based acrylic (which most paint ranges for this sort of thing are).

You mention in your post about basing that you were thinking of putting down a bit of foliage, I’ve found this website to be great for that sort of thing: :slight_smile:

I’d second Gamers Grass, they are my go to tufts!

Some great feedback here already only one thing to add from me and it may be due to the photos but the orange looks more red than orange to my eyes. I would be tempted to do a broad orange highlight in the centre of the red parts to give more of an orange look.

I was on the fence with the jumpsuit, thinking it might need a bit more wash to make things pop more. (The orange part. The brown looks fine.) could be the picture tho.

A yellow wash could help brighten it up some and tinge it more towards orange.

A flesh wash could be interesting too, with the warmer tone. But it wouldn’t do anything for the brightness…

Some really good feedback thanks a lot. I want to improve and reading your feedback and viewing some of your painted models really helps.

I’m going to add some of your suggestions to the lancers such as doing some extra work on the bases and some extra work on the face.

I wanted the jump suit to be a brighter orange, the soft tone wash really darkened it. And yes it’s almost a red colour now. I’m finding this a lot with the soft tone washes, as suggested with my next model I’m going to add some water and perhaps add some highlights with watered down paint.

Back to the lancers I did add some soft tone to the face but perhaps it hasn’t worked to well. I was thinking of adding some flesh tone watered down a little then dry brushing with army painter corpse pale?