Damaged Goods inside starter set

So got home from work this evening and my first order had finally arrived with the two player starter set. Now I did order the Pvc set which I understand that some of the miniatures would be warped or misshaped a bit. However what I was not expecting was the weapon cards that come in the top of the pack of small cards to be completely bent on their corners. I don’t mean just small corner bend the entire length of the card is bent at a angle. The first 3 or so weapons cards have their length bent. Not just my cards are damaged, but under the base of my aviator has a a tin crack along an entire side of base. the base has also caved in on itself or maybe scooped out along the length of a portion of the base itself. Eventually due to the way the base sunk in on itself no amount of heated water can pull it out and the corner of the base will eventually break off.I am still excited to finally have the game in my hands it is a bit saddening that the mini is damaged so beyond repair. Here is a picture of the base of the mini and the crack got best picture I could. I am trying to get a good shot of the cards that are bent as well. Sorry for the quality of the pictures my friend is bringing over a camera in next few days so I can get some really good shots of just how damaged some this stuff really is.

Please share this with support@modiphius.com and they’ll get you fixed up.

is that the mutant with a bit of a side walk on the base as i think that is sadly intentional

Ah yes that is the exact same one, some of the others have minor base damage as well am working on getting some pictures, but yea exact same as mine for the aviator mutant base if is intentional that is indeed sad. It really seems like right where the cave in on the bottom of the base starts will snap off with too much movement or the like.