No quality control?

I just picked up my starter set after months of waiting and imagine the disappointment that over half of the figures are warped and deformed. I will most likely be returning the entire mess to the store. I expected a lot better quality from Modiphius. If you are considering buying this game, wait a few months until these quality issues are dealt with.

This us a known issue in the plastic starter sets. To fix it, put the warped part in hit water, close to boiling or boiling. Form the part the way you want it and dip it in cold water. An alternative technic for the base, het the base in the hot water, set the base in a baking pan or the bottom of the sink and pour cold water on it.


I think the warping is cause by the packaging rather than quality control. The plastic tray needs to be modified and something used to keep the miniatures in place during transit. I think that will help a lot with the warping.

As with ANY miniature line, you should not purchase resin models until you are familiar with intermediate resin modeling techniques, and how to correct warps and bends. It’s really just the nature of the medium. It’s a different set of skills needed than Plastic or metal miniatures, but not difficult. Who knows what kind of concentrated heat a shipping container from China to the UK causes?

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I think he is referring to the PVC minatures. This is a common issue with them.

I just got my starter set and had the exact same issue, so badly that one of the settlers feet was broken off at the ankle, and Nora was so far bent forward that her ankles almost broke too. It looks like the packaging is causing it to me. Easy fixes though with hot water and/or pvc glue.

My only issue was a very bent hammer on the Super Mutant Brute but easily fixed with the aforementioned hot/cold water treatment. Perhaps if they are going to consider more PVC in the future then they might also consider using a more rigid HIPS style plastic for long bendy parts like weapon handles. Companies like Monolith and Mythic Games have begun doing this to great effect in their board games.

Noras rifle was a bit bent but honestly I was surprised how good the pvc quality was compared to other starters I’ve had in the past.

Same here, absolutely no issues on the set I picked up

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I finally got my set, a few issues with Nora’s rifle and the Hammer. My Rifle survivor was almost bent in half but fixed fine with some hot water. The ■■■■■■ for me was Dogmeat. He’s stuck in a little to high on his base and looked like he was floating above the ground. I’ll have to cut the exposed peg and re-glue him.
The minis are cool and I’m happy enough with them, but I do hope they change the packing for future shipments. The way CMON handled zombicide was awesome. Those mini trays stay mint, carry easy, and store well.

With PVC you have to expect some warping, it is the nature of the process plus packaging, plus shipping as has been noted above. There are tons of youtube videos that show how to fix bases and parts using the hot water technique, I used it on my set and it worked perfectly.

As you mentioned the shipping containers it made “click”. I really can imagine the heat Impact during the Long journey now, especially when they are waiting at the Harbour side unprotected from the sun.
Reminds me of a good old punk rock Vinyl Disc, killed by the sun Shining through the window in summer time when I forgot to remove it from the Player. Definately learned that lesson….