Card shape between sets


So i was comparing the shapes of the cards from the core box and the expansion boxes. Does anyone know why they’ve been cut differently? I can get some pictures taken to explain.

I’ve already informed them of this over on facebook. The reason is that the ones with the round corners were made in China while the ones with the sharp/irregular corners were made in France.

No that it’s a big deal to me, I’m ok with either. But if I had a choice, I prefer the rounded corners for cards I’m actually going to play with compared to just collect. I’ve always thought corner wear looks terrible, and the rounded corners tend to be a lot better about not showing corner wear.

Just my two bits for whatever that’s worth.

Will there be reprints? Anyone heard?

It was just mentioned in another thread a little while ago that the cards will be free to print soon for everything. I think if the cards are publicly available for free, it’s unlikely we’ll see reprints due to misprints or any other potential changes to the cards. I could be wrong though.

I prefer factory printed cards as well, but I’m willing to make due when it comes down to it. Printable cards might open the door for new cards for existing models at some point in the future, so I’m hopeful. :wink: