Figure Poses and Gear

First off, I want to say that Modiphius did a great job with the variety of poses and equipment modeled into the figures. While I realize that it would be impossible to provide every combination of figure and weapon, I do think that they may have missed the mark in one area… the Frontline Knights boxed set. For those that are not familiar with this box, it comes with a knight and 3 knight patrol with laser rifles. However, since the Knight Patrol (Blades) card comes with this set, I think they really should have modeled one or two of the Patrol with melee weapons such as a Ripper or Baton. In fact, the Brotherhood is basically lacking in any models with melee weapons.

There are some in the next waves.

I think those may be just power armor models rather than Brotherhood of Steel figures. Could be mistaken though, and even if I’m not there’s no reason you couldn’t use them with your army anyway.

Yes, those are the earlier models of T-45 and T-51 Power Armor. At this point they are really only useful for the BoS faction anyway. It is nice that at least some BoS figures will get melee weapons but my comment that they missed the mark with the Knight Patrols by not giving one or two a melee weapon still stands.