Power Armor Figures - Weapons

So I was trying to determine what weapons the various power armor figures came armed with. Does anyone have a list?

I don’t think there’s an official list or anything but here is what I was able to determine based on released fiugres and previews.

Wave 1:
Goddard: Laser Rifle
Danse: Laser Rifle
BOS Core: Gatling Laser
BOS Knights: Modified Laser Rifle?

Wave 2:
Raider Core: Assault Rifle x2
X-01: Modified Laser Rifle

Wave 3:
T51B: Shishkebab, Modified Laser Rifle, F l a m e r
Maxson: Gatling Laser
BOS Knights: Modifiied Laser Rifle, Modifiied Laser Rifle

Wave 4:
Enclave: Plasma Rifle, Gatling Laser (Fallout 3 Version)
Hellfire: F l a m e r (Fallout 3 Version), Heavy Incinerator
T45: Minigun, Plasma Rifle, Super Sledge

Sounds like decent guesses to me without any official word. I know from just looking at images of some of them that I am still waiting on it is really hard to determine the difference between a laser pistol and laser rifle especially when they are holding it in one hand.

Was there any particular weapon you were looking for on a power armor figure? Personally, I found the weapon selection somewhat lackluster. I’m hoping they’ll put out plastic sprues with multiple weapons for the power armor soon. In the meantime, I have tried out a couple of conversions to make them more to my liking.

Nidhogg, it would have been nice if there was at least one with a projectile gun such as an Assault Rifle or Combat Rifle instead of all the Laser Rifles and at least one with a melee weapon such as a Power Fist or Ripper.

Hate to be that guy again, but we do have one with a super sledge, and a power fist can’t be used in the video games with power armor. Adding a ripper would be a easy conversion now that you mention it… :thinking:

Well actually, unarmed weapons not working with power armor is more of a Fallout 4 thing. Power Fist with Power Armor was perfectly fine in Fallout 1 through New Vegas. I imagine most people used Veronica as a companion with that kit!

Even if a Power Fist cannot be used in Fallout 4 with Power Armor it can be used in this game with standard Knights (although not Paladins or Knight Techs). Of course, the Ripper is usable with all three so it would be nice if they actually made a figure with one. It is not even available in that weapon upgrade pack. I do not think that the Assault Rifles or Combat Rifles are in it either (although if I recall it does have a baton which they can also use).

Was merely playing “devil’s advocate”, as I prefaced. I personally always thought it an odd modification to the game to deny the use of large, heavy melee equipment to those who use armor specifically designed to enhance the wearer’s strength and ability to wield cumbersome weapons… But consistency with the FO4 canon seems to be the standard by which they go (power armor frames, etc) thus the likely reason they didn’t include this in an official model, but as stated they have left the door open for fans of the older games (myself very much one of them) to play and convert models as we wish.

And yes, the current weapon pack doesn’t incorporate either of those rifles, nor does it have a single heavy weapon. I believe the only missile launcher (which also has been in every game since FO1) is on the arm of the sentry bot… So yeah, as much as is available, in a game like Fallout where the options are many and myriad, there’s still plenty yet to come

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Very much agree with you.

I would just like to add, that we do have a Synth carrying a missile launcher.

I think one of the mutants has a missile launcher too? Was thinking about converting one, but didn’t feel like ordering a $20 kit for 1 piece. Shame that they are going purely Fallout 4 style for most models. It would be very disappointing if we only got X-01 and Fallout 4 mutants instead of classic APA because ever since Horrigan and the Master were revealed, I’ve dreamed of running a classic Fallout bad guy team.

Since we have seen that they eventually plan to release the Master, it would not surprise me if they also do Mariposa Super Mutants at some point. I do expect that these are the only Advanced Power Armor suits that are likely though since they specifically mentioned in one of those Beasts of War videos that they specifically tried to take them into the Fallout 4 style.