What Weapons Do Folks Wants to See Added to the Game?

Personally, I would love to see certain “generic” weapons such as Anti-Material Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Flamer_, Shishkebab, Turbo Plasma Rifle, Pulse Rifle, Pulse Pistol and Plasma Grenades added. I also hope that the Heavy Incinerator is added along with the Enclave wave.

More esoteric weapons would include the Microwave Emitter, Tri-Beam Laser Rifle and Precision Gatling Laser.

While almost certainly too powerful for the game, the Fat Man and Tesla Cannon would be kind of interesting.

Of course the one weapon I really want to see added would be the BB Gun. Probably as a base 0 physical damage weapon that gets a green die. A nuka cola bottle = injured arm (i.e. eye) result because… well you shot an eye out… they were warned.


Seeing the Fatman would be awesome! Only way I can think it would be balanced though would be if you had to pay caps not just for the weapon, but for each mini nuke you have with it. Ie, you can choose to only bring one shot and thus avoid having to spend too many caps on it, or you can bring enough shells to last the game but would have a huge chunk of your army taken up by it

or go around picking ammo off dead suiciders lol

Mezmatron might be fun

Mezmertron is already ingame…but only in form of the Robot Brain…the robot gaze?

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Yeah but I still really want them to release a robobrain figure.

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There’s a small chance that could happen this wave, but more likely the Robobrain will appear in the next wave. The Automatron card pack has everything you need to create the stats for them, even the AI card for the Robobrain.

just took my first Robobrain off my Printer…not sure about the size…