Children of Atom figures - armed with unusable weapons?

I have to say that I am rather confused by the physical miniatures for the basic Children of Atom. There are 4 of them in the box and it appears that two of them come with rifles, yet the actual cards do not have any rifle skill at all. Even with alternate weapons available (I am not sure if those particular figures have alternate weapons or not since apparently only two of them have alternates and I have not received my box yet) why include the rifles at all if they are not usable?

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There have been a handful of models sculpted with non-usable weapons over the years (NCR MP, Enclave warrant officer, one of the Gunner Conscripts, etc).

It’s a bit odd to be sure, but the short answer is FWW isn’t a WYSIWYG game so what the model physcially has doesnt / wont always match their gear or abilities. If it really bugs you, a quick fix is to use those two rifle CoA units as Disciples instead of standard Children!

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Totally agree with you.

As i prefer to play wysiwyg i will simply use them as disciples…


Yeah, my thought was definitely to use the figure holding the rifle with two hands as a Disciple since his jacket makes him seem far more like the other Disciple figure. I am hoping that the figure with his hand up can use one of the alternate pistols.


I’ll pass this on to the dev team as they should be able to use rifles for sure (likely tied to Agl).

There are a few cards that might get tweaked in the future, I noticed the other day that the Enclave rookie cannot take rifles and that needs fixing also… for reasons… :wink:

EDIT: This will be addressed in the wave 7 errata update, they will pick up the Rifle skill but in the meanwhile feel free to use rifles with them as an AGI skill.

Enclave Trainees will have it added to their PER


@Modiphius-Jon Reasons huh? Could those reasons be that we will be getting some actual miniatures for those Enclave Trainees in Wave 8? Speaking of future waves, any word on when we will see the preview on Wave 7 (I have really enjoyed the previous ones)?

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I’ll assume that the Enclave Trainee and the CoA units will get physical reprinted cards and printable versions in the pdf? :slight_smile:

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I couldn’t possibly comment :stuck_out_tongue:

Wave 7 reveal should be later in the year as part of ModCon 2022.


@Modiphius-Jon So Isn’t ModCon usually in early December? I thought that wave 7 was scheduled to start in October or November?

There is no specific time on it, so we are looking to do a smaller one in Autumn, like a keynote for some of the ranges is the plan :slight_smile:


Just saw the new errata, you forgot the enclave warrent officer which is modeled with a plasma rifle :stuck_out_tongue:

Where is the Errata? Looking forward to looking at it.

Good news is there is some tasty content for the Enclave in wave 8 so we will be reprinting all the cards as a one shot guide for players.

This will include revising the cards and adding the missing rifle skills.

So, Warrant Officer and Lieutenant will get Rifle on the Perception stat


Sigh. Take my money. Lol.

Are you guys on wave 7 next or 8?

7 (Northern Commonwealth) is next, 6 (Commonwealth) is winding down.