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New(ish) player with some enclave questions

Got into FWW about a month ago and decided to pick up the enclave as I just loved how Modiphius had redesigned the old power armour suits to be bulkier and more intimidating.

Have played other tabletop games before so picked up most of the rules fairly easily. However after a few games against my friend who started along with me the enclave training rules seem insanely powerful stacking one of each bonus dice onto some weapons. So I’m wondering:

  1. Do units get all 3 bonus dice (black, yellow, green) if near one of each soldier type?
  2. Do these abilities effect heavy weapons and grenades?
  3. Does the hellfire ability to shoot without penalty whilst engaged leave the +1 armour bonus as if the target was in cover?
  4. Does the soldier ability to ignore one piece of cover work to remove the armour bonus for shooting while engaged?

Additionally, curious as to why the enclave power armour is so bad compared to the x-01, t-60 and even the t-51? Having played pretty much all the fallout games I figured it would be a little more protective.

Thanks for your time community and modiphius staff


  1. Yes…makes the Enclave the most powerful faction imho…damn powercreep…

  2. yes as the Aura say "Attacks + Black( yellow,green) and heavy weapons and thrown weapons are attacks. so you get the Bonus dice even in Close Combat.

  3. No as the +1 Armor bonus if you use ranged weapons in CC is not a cover…its just a armor Bonus