Enclave presence rules

I can’t access the Errata for some reason. The download keeps failing.

Do the Enclave units, who have those special rules (power armored presence effects), benefit from their own effects?

Say an Enclave Soldier and a Hellfire Trooper are within presence of each other, both wearing power armor. Does the Enclave Soldier get the bonus from the Hellfire Trooper and his own bonus as well?
Or does the Enclave Soldier only get the bonus from the Hellfire Trooper, but not his own bonus?

I have the same issue with the Super Mutant Overlords ferocity, Caits locksmith and more.

Managed to download the Errata and FAQ using a different browser. The question still stands though.

I must have been super out of it, I did some editing to clarify.
It looks like it. The errata only adds that the aura ability only applies to units in LOS and the player can choose which models can receive the aura ability. It doesn’t say the unit with the ability can or cannot uses it on themselves. Other games allow the unit with a similar ability to use it themselves, since they’re in LOS and in Range of themselves.
The Enclave Soldiers, Enclave Tesla Soldiers, and Hellfire Troopers are going to be beasts in Power Armor.
I have to wait for my AI cards to come in to see what the various Enclave units come with, if they’re Power Armored or not, like some of the BOS units models are in Power Armor, but they don’t come with it automatically or free.

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Thanks for your input.

That’s what I was thinking, too, hence the question. I’m going to try that out once my preorder arrives.

It is confusing on the reference card.