Presence and Aura LoS clarification

Just watched the latest stream (best game yet, and really good to see Charlie upping the tactics a bit!), and wondered if James could clarify the rules issue that came up regarding whether Presence and Aura need LoS?

The rules don’t mention LoS being a requirement, and as there are good fluff/lore/life reasons for it working with or without (shouted threats/commands, or simply being inspired/distracted/scared/‘X’ due to knowing ‘X’ is close by), I’ve always played it that it doesn’t need LoS.

However, the stream chat mentioned that James had said it does?

Many thanks, and great stream again :slight_smile:

Hahahah… asked the same question in the playtesting area :smiley:

Ah, forgot to check in that one - I looked in the fb groups and this one before posting as I was sure others must have wanted it clarified too! :slight_smile:

Hi. I need to have a look at a few things before answering so will get back to you on this one.


Apologies for the delay - I needed to double-check some things. Yes, aura abilities need Line of Sight from the model benefiting from ability to the model with the ability. That needs adding to FAQ.




Great - thanks for clarifying!

@AceRimmer Told you so - there is no better reference than @WriterJames :slight_smile:

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Haha - indeed! :slight_smile:

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Hi James,

Do you measure aura and presence ranges with the relevant range colour centred on the model or at the rulers full distance?

thank you


I believe it is centred, but clarification would be awesome.

Good question. I thought it was only blasts that are centred but could be wrong.

Hi. Aura and Presence are ranges so are measured from the model. (The color of area effects like explosions are the diameter of the effect so those ones are different.)


Thanks James,

Really appreciate your time and response. Love the game, best miniature skirmish game I have played.

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Thank you. it’s great to hear you’re enjoying it.