Triggers, items for AI and aura questions

Got a few, hope you can help with them

  1. triggers up to 2 rules range - one of them is movement, so a model must be able to see another model crossing their LoS at a distance, easy one but what exactly is a second one so Attacks? Its well explained in case of up to 1 ruler length - model or friendly hit by an attack but in other case is a bit vague for me.
  2. AI and items - can we equip AI with chems for example so they can use them in battle? Can they pick up stuff on a board like human players and use it? Change weapons and armours?
  3. aura - does aura effects require LoS between a model that gives it and one who receives?
  4. can AI units use aura abilities?
  1. Triggers are based off of awareness-- if the enemy does the action you’re waiting for within that range you can react. So if you’ve got a yellow for that you’re not noticing much but if you’ve got black you can react to anything 12" away.
  2. This is where the limitations of AI come into play as basically the rules are: Yes if you want to. The player(s) get to decide how effective the AI is for any situation/rule not expressly covered in the AI section. Think of it as letting you be able to adjust the difficulty for the encounter to what you’d like.
  3. yes. This was added in the errata if I remember correctly.
  4. yes. Of the top of my head they’re all passive. If there was one that required an action the AI card would likely have a custom rule for it on the card.

Thanks for your answers! Much appreciated.
The bit which confuses me is this: The only triggers a model can be aware of at up to two range ruler lengths away are movements and attacks. Errata: attacks dont require LoS to be a trigger. Page 42, right column.
It also says triggers are awareness based if I understood it right.

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Sure. Now that I’m home I can look through the rules.

The length is based off of awareness but it’s double for move and attack. So if you had black that would be up to 24" away. I don’t tend to use these often so I had forgot there was a double range. I had also swapped out awareness for presence accidently–it’s what I get for replying while not paying attention in a meeting. I’ll make a quick edit to my original post to reflect that.

Addendum: Attacks do not require LoS to be a Trigger.
(The General Reference card mentions this and is correct.)

This errata is referencing attacks you’re reacting too. So if you’re responding to someone attacking an friendly unit you don’t need to see the attacker for it to trigger. I’m trying to think if there’s a situation where you can be attacked without LOS to the attacker, FWW:RPG stealth probably? Triggers are supposed to represent more then just sight (hearing, smell and so on). You can hear an attack so you know it happened even if you didn’t see it is the reasoning.

However If you have an attack reaction you still need LOS as without it you cannot even make an attack normally.

Im still trying to figure out what would be exactly a trigger for 2 rulers length. It says movement (actions like move, charge) and attacks (shoot, CC, throw) but unlike with 1 ruler length it doesn't say friendly model hit by attack could be a trigger. So I assume its not gonna be one in this case. We also know that attacks dont require LoS. So it means that ANY attack, anywhere in a second ruler range could be a trigger?

2 ruler length

  1. Any Attack (No LOS needed but the attacker has to be within 2 range bands away)
  2. an enemy moves while in your LOS.

1 Ruler length

  1. Friendly model in your LOS gets hit (attacker can be outside of awareness)
  2. Hostile Unit in LOS takes any other action not already listed except prepare (which cannot be a trigger)