A few questions for my upcoming game

I don’t believe ive been playing ap correctly at all. Currently i just assumed reactions were limited to the use of whatever abilities were on your card. Instead they are singular actions that about anyone can do!

So what i mean is that any unit may get an AP point from dice. Which essentially 99% if not all units have a prepare action ability. So say i roll an ap on hit dice and use it on a very normal settler. My opponent charges me and that triggers a reaction. I can then use it to run away before they can hit me on their second main action? Because the charge itself isn’t an attack its just works like a buff with enhanced movement and an additional dice.

On a side note does that mean if i equip a weapon with a blue dice(Cattle Prod!) on a heroic character ill gain an additional ap per a bottle.Lets play it out! I roll a blue dice get nothing. I then attack and gain 2 bottles that generates 2 ap! I also can use those bottles to break an arm(weapon ability) oh joy! . Then on my 2nd main action I attack again and gain one bottle. Because the wonderful world of v.a.t.s Ill be able to use one of my generated AP’s to do a 3rd attack due to my heroic card and my target is zapped to death. Would i then be able to use my remaining 2 quick actions(One from the first attack and one from a second attack) to do a quick action movement AND PREPARE?

Finally CAIT. She likes drugs! So i got her some psycho, due to the ability it counts as a 2 use drug. I have to use it right away because she just cant seem to keep her hands off the stuff. So she now has +2 armor first round and an additional black dice on melee. She goes through all 3 rounds and it diminishes its potency accordingly. I roll a star OH NO im addicted. But wait your in luck cait you have another use! Do i now suffer the penalty of that addiction on top of the perks of my current use. Does it disperse and i get to roll again to see if i am (still)l addicted afterwords. Does it temporarily subside until the second application wears off and the negatives stack if i get addicted again? Will i ever get these answers? Tune in next time to find out!

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  1. in the charge / fall back scenario, if you’re prepared then yes you can move out of engagement after the charge. It would be a quick action move, so one ruler length shorter than usual.

This reaction movement would still trigger an opportunity attack by the model that charged you, so they can still attack with the charge bonus (but at -2 becasue oppotunity attacks are ALSO a QA)

  1. You only get the extra AP from a heroic chracter on your VATS roll when you activate, so no you don’t get extra AP on a blue die from other sources as you’ve described here.

  2. According to the rulebook pg. 34, “these effects reamin until the addiction is cured.” So rules-as-written, you’d still have the addiction penalties when you take the second dose, but you’d also gain the chem’s regualr bennefits.

As Ryan said the VATS bonus of AP per bottle is only for the VATS blue dice and not any other. That being said if you got AP from the skill dice during your first two attacks (not from a quick action as they cannot generate AP) and/or two bottles on the VATS dice you could spend the AP on more then one quick action. You can use each quick action icon as it appears on your character once at a cost of 1 AP each. So if you generate enough AP then you can use all of them.

A good example to look at Frank 1 which as to attack quick actions. He could quick attack twice for 2 AP, one per icon, and if he had Heoric you could attack 3 times for 3 AP total.

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That rule is clarified for me now between you guys for sure. Any bottles rolled from other dice add no additional ap outside of the initial role for that characters turn. I appreciate that.

The drugs are certainly left open ended though.

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Thank you for the info. As the book reads i guess the chems would continue to plague me even if i satiated my addiction with another fix. But it does not definitively state that i could be double addicted to the same drug. So i can’t call this entirely closed yet.

In the meant time. Ill probably end up house ruling that negatives are deferred during the second or third dosage. In fact the negatives will potentially double down as you indulge in the addiction and have to roll to see if your addiction worsens and stacks with negatives.

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The situation about the chem is really odd (models usually take one, maybe 2 different drugs, and they are usually unuseful at the first round), so maybe this was not taken into account, but right now, even if you take the same drug, you still get the previous addicted effects.
But yes, the videogames would remove the addicted effect after taking the same drug, so house-ruling that would be fine still.

this was asked long time ago and it means you get a free use (you don’t pay caps for it) for 1 equipped chem, so it does not mean you use the same chem twice.
You could equip her with 1 chem, that one would be free, and that’s all, if you want.
In Settlement Mode, she comes with Mentats (for free if you cannot choose among other chems)

Hey @TurretsHouse

1 - Just to clarify that Reactions and the Quick Actions from the dice are slightly different. If you use Prepare to give yourself a Reaction, you can use any Action you’d like. You are not limited by the Quick Action icons on your card. Quick Actions generated via Action Points would be limited to the symbols on the card though. This is laid out in the Errata, in the Game Procedure section. It’s the fifth question down on the right hand side, first page of the Procedure section.

2 - A few folks of gotten this one correct already. The only time you roll a Special Dice to generate AP for a Hero is at the very start of their activation. Any Bottles you generate from rolls later on would not generate further AP.

3 - As per p34 of the rulebook, the effects stay in place until the addiction is cured. So Cait could technically be effected by the Addiction and a second dose of the same Drugs at the same point.

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