Items with temporary effects

Hello everyone once again.

Have a question in regards to alcohol and chems.

Imagine It’s round 1 and unit has just used beer. During round 1 he benefits from all of the benefits from the beer. Then It’s round number 2. Card moves and now unit gains less effects from the card, but still he has that turn and the next one to benefit from the beverage. Then unit suddenly decides that he doesn’t need the effect of the beer any more and uses Buffout.
What would happen then?
I presume that the unit should immediately end the effect of the beer, then roll beer addiction (apply beer addition debuff effects if rolled successfully) and then he would benefit from a buffout.

I honestly haven’t found any rules (or maybe just missed it) that could say anything against using one chem instead of another.

Additionally, I’d presume that it would be fair that in case of different chems It would be absolutely fair, that if you have cog icon (AP) from one chem and you use another chem which also has AP you wouldn’t get another AP from another chem on the same round as you could simply swap chems (like beer and rebound) to gain infinite amount of APs in one turn. More than that you’d lose your AP from previous chem\beverage if you haven’t used it yet. Like if you want to use the ap from the beer on a melee hit with fresh psychobuff - because you couldn’t. You’d lose AP from beer and psychobuff doesn’t have AP on its own.
However If you had an AP from your current chem\alc but DIDN’T use it yet you would benefit from the next chem which ALSO HAS AP. (As the AP you haven’t used yet withdraws, but next item comes into effect.)

Though If it’s just impossible to use another chem\alcohol while being under effect of the another tell me so, I could’ve missed something in the rules. But i have to admit it would be frustrating, so please consider my idea :slight_smile:

This is from page 34 of Rulebook.

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I’ve honestly missed it for some reason.