Chemistry Effect

Hi all.

I start to play game with CHEM, and i can’t understand some effect of them. I take “DAY TRAPPER”, “OVERDRIVE”,“PSYCHO”,“JET”,“FURY”,“ORANGE MENTATS”.

This is the question:

    At my ativation i use a DAY TRAPPER and receive 3 Lucky Token. For 3 turn my hero have ability to use LUCKY. At second turn i shift CHEM card to the left, and i have -1 STR and no Lucky Token, but what happend with Lucky tokens from first turn? Did i have this tokens? or they are gone away? And can i use this 3 lucky tokens a turns that DAY TRAPPER CHEM active?

    I use OVERDRIVE CHEM and what happend next?
    What does mean a “BLACK DICE MELEE” and “BLACK DICE MELEE ONLY” on PSYCHO? And what different between “BLACK DICE” (In Overdrive) And “+Black Dice Melee Only” (In PSYCHO)?
    How i must play this card? I receive a 1 Black Dice at first and 1 Black Dice at second turn? Or i receive ONE Black Dice for first and seond turn, and i must think at what turn use it?
    And next, What does mean a Critical Point Icon at 3d column of OVERDRIVE? I must receive a one Critical Point at the start of my activation (3 CP when OVERDRIVE Active?)? Or I receive only one CP when i use OVERDRIVE? And if i have no HEROIC Status, can i use a Critical? (For example i use 2 OVERDRIVE CHEM and give…em… 2 CP, can i use it?)

  3. PSYCHO.
    This is the same question, first how much black dice i receive? One (when i use the CHEM) or two, one at the start of activation? Second question is what different “+Black Dice Melee only” (PSYCHO) and “Black Dice Melee” (OVERDRIVE).

  4. JET.
    Same Question. How much “Prepare” can i use? 1 on use? Or 3 (one for each activation?).

  5. FURY.
    Same, but about additional wound at melee.

  6. Orange Mentats.
    What quick action at right column?


One thing to know is that a model gains all effects that are currently showing in all the columns, so if STR shows +1 in 2 different columns then the model gets STR +2.

  1. The first column gives the model 3 Luck Tokens. These may be in addition to any the model already has. The Luck icon in the last column means the model can use Luck, so they can use any Luck tokens they have up until the chem’s effect runs out - the 3 tokens gained remain until used (so if a model has any left when the chem runs out, the model still has them but may not be able to use them unless they have a Luck icon from somewhere else or take another Day Tripper). If a model already has the Luck icon then due to being Heroic, etc., then the Luck icon on the Chem doesn’t make any difference, but they would still gain the 3 Luck tokens when the chem is taken and gain/suffer the other effects on attributes.

  2. There’s no difference between ‘[Black Dice] Melee’ and ‘[Black Dice] Melee only’. That’s just a slight inconsistency in the wording on the cards. Both mean the model gains a Black Effect Dice on Skill Tests using Melee weapons.

For Overdrive, the extra black dice only lasts for the first round it is used - note that Overdrive only lasts 2 turns in total. The icon in the final column is the Critical Point Icon which means the model gains 1 Critical Point each round (but the model would need the Critical icon in order to use those as usual).

  1. Psycho - the model gets an extra black dice on the first and second turns.

  2. Jet - The model gets what is shown, so it receives 1 Action Point in the first round, can use the Action Point Use icon to Move or Charge in the first and second rounds, and receives a Prepare token in all 3 rounds.

  3. Fury - this chem lasts only 2 rounds. The model gets the armor bonus in the first round, and the extra damage icon on Melee Skill tests only for both rounds. In the first round, the model has -3 PER which reduces to -2 PER in the second round (and then the effect wears off).

  4. Orange Mentats - This is an Action Point Use icon which can be used to Shoot. (So it’s like the Attack APUI but only for the Shoot action.)

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James thank you for answer, but i have more question after it.

  1. About “Day trapper”, and some other card all clear.

  2. About “Overdrive”, i’m not agree with you. RuleBook p.53 show us how looks critical icon (to use CRITICAL attack) and how looks critical point token (CP). In “Overdrive” card shows CP, not critical icon.
    CP Critical

Ok, maybe i’m wrong, and this is realy Critical Icon that give us ability to use CRITICAL ATTACK, For what you paint “+” near icon?
I think this is CP token, and i receive 1 CP in 1,2 and 3 turn like i receive +1 Black dice in 1 and 2 turn when use Psycho. If i right, how can i use the CP to have a Bonus Critical Attack if my unit not HEROIC?

Psycho has “+” near Black Dice and you wrote that I receive +1 Black Dice 1 and 2 turn, also you wrote that when i use JET i receive 1,2 and 3 turn a PREPARE marker, In JET you paint a PREPARE marker without “+”.

I apologize, but I’m confused in the chemistry cards and with what is drawn there, and how to use it, because in part of the cards the same meaning is drawn, but for some reason it is used in different ways.

You’re right about Overdrive - I was writing to quickly. I have updated my reply.

With regards the + sign, if an icon is shown it means the model gains the relevant token/effect, so ‘+Black dice’ is the same as ‘Black dice’.