Critical Hit Clarifications

Just wanted to confirm I’m looking at Critical Hits correctly. Only a model that’s Heroic or has the Critical symbol on their unit card can gain cp tokens, and tokens are gained when they make a successful attack plus any additional tokens they generate from the dice roll on said attacks. So a Heroic model can generate multiple cp tokens from a single attack.

A Heroic Lone Surviver that hits with a 10mm pistol and rolls a critical icon would be able to activate a critical attack the next time it attacks with the pistol?

Minor clarification: only a model that has the critical icon on their card(s), not the luck icon, can gain cp tokens (and the Heroic card comes with the critical icon, so that’s why it allows you to use crits, it’s not some special case)

Oops, Critical icon was the one I meant. Thanks for pointing that out. Fixed the original post.

Yes, a ! on the white dice would net two critical tokens, one for the hit and one for the !

As you already noted, only heroic and models that specifically can accrue crits can make use of the rule. Non heroic models rarely have the ability to use crits.


To add on to this question, do each hit with a minigun add to the critical icon?

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A walked fire weapon can generate a maximum of one ! Token per turn regardless of what you roll.

Also remember that you can attempt to add another ! token to any non walked fire weapon if you have the luck Icon and any tokens left by expending one

And unless I am mistaken, yes criticals are available as soon as the weapon has enough cps to use the critical. Which you’ll want to do, as no more can be generated once the critical limit is reached.

Hi all,

I’m going to jump onto this thread because I have a question which is closely related.

Do I get a critical point if I roll the crit icon on a skill test which is not a weapon related test?

I cannot find anything in the core rules or errata which specifies that the critical bonus is only for weapon skill tests, which seems to suggest that a crit icon on any skill test counts, but this seems odd. After all, why would you gain a crit icon for a really good search of a filing cabinet? :joy:

You only earn Crit points when you use a weapon on attack rolls, not expertise (unless the cards say otherwise). There are some scenarios where you can break a lock or door with a melee attack, since those are attacks, you earn Crit Points.
Something to nip in the bud, you DO NOT earn Crit Points on Improvised Weapon attacks. :slight_smile:

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Many thanks for the response.

Is it just me, but the rules don’t make this very clear? The rule about gaining crit points only talks about rolling dice and does not suggest any limitation on the circumstances in which the die is rolled.

Thanks again.

I think what you may have missed on page 53 in the rulebook are the phrases “a weapon can acquire the CP Tokens” and “that weapon” (not “a” weapon). They are important because you accumulate crit points for weapons, not for models. Therefore, critical dice throw results not involving a weapon can never gain you crit points because there is no weapon involved which would gain the crit token.
Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Honestly I’m seeing the opposite

Copy/paste from the rules:

Models with a Critical icon
on their unit, ability or Heroic card gain and
use Critical Points (CPs) in order to use their
weapon’s Critical Attack.

This very explicitly says that it is the model who can gain and use the points. I still agree that what you are saying makes the most thematic sense, but it isn’t clear from the wording of the rulebook that this is the technically correct rule.

Hey, it’s probably just because I’ve come from a Warhammer background, where there are far too many people looking to exploit (or imagine) an ambiguity in the rules to get some kind of spurious advantage. Thanks again all for the replies

Your quote is not wrong, but you need to read a little further where it’s explained in more detail. I’ve taken pictures of the relevant sections (sorry for my potato phone), but if you just read on you can see it in your rulebook, too.

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As 51Monster2 mentioned, the ‘Gaining Critical Points’ section is the important one, especially requirement (2). Critical Points can only be gained by weapons which have a Critical Meter section on their card and only due to Skill Tests that used that specific weapon to attack and hit (unless other abilities specifically stated on a card add CPs). Thrown Weapons and some others have no Critical Meter section so those cannot gain CPs.

Critical Points are not gained for non-combat Skill Tests as there is no weapon for which they can be allocated.


Thanks again everyone for the responses. It’s good to have an official answer.

“Critical Points are not gained for non-combat Skill Tests as there is no weapon for which they can be allocated.”

Sorry to bang on but it still really feels like this is the sentence which needs to be in the rulebook, but (as far as I can tell) isn’t. There are a few other people over on BoardGameGeek who had the same confusion. Most of the rulebook does a fantastic job of clarifying where needed so this one stands out.

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