Override Chem exclamation icon - what is it really?

Hello - wanted to ask what does the ! icon stands for on the Override Chem.

Does it stand for hmm double crits for those units that can use them or does it somehow GIVES the ability to take the crits for those junkies who are using override ? :smiley:

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you get a critical token to put on a weapon when the model activates (when you take the chem and next round), but that weapon could not be used to perform a critical hit if the wielder does not have the critical square icon, as usual.

Hi Boyleer,

DK-dark is correct, it gives a critical token to the Model to put on a weapon and as DK-dark said, the model has to be able to use crits to use it (either through being Heroic or having the square critical marker on their Unit Profile Card).

Thanks @DK-dark and I hope this helps @boyleer

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