Is spending Special Icons optional?

I have searched for a long time now but cannot seem to find and answer to this: When I’m using a weapon with special icons and happen to roll let’s say 2 bottles. Can I decide whether to spend them or not? It can be a big difference when shooting into close combat and hitting my own model.

Up to you whether you trigger the effects or not!

If you’d rather not activate an on fire/broken arm/ etc etc that’s your choice. Pg. 20 in the core rule book goes over how to spend (or not spend) special effect smybols.

Thank you Ryan. Yeah I read page 20 many times and maybe it’s only me but since it doesn’t specify that spending the icons is optional, I’m not 100% sure. I mean yes, it’s specified that if you have multiple options it’s up to you to spend on whatever you want and it’s also mentioned that unspent icons do not carry over but based on the text I interpreted it like if you have 2 bottles but your wep can only use it once it do not carry over.

I’d love to see an official statment that says: ‘Spending special icons during an attack is optional’ :slight_smile:

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Hey @Robinson,

Spending special icons during an attack is optional.