Junkie's weapons

There is no clarifications about these weapons after a long time and a new errata/FAQS file.
I have read some comments long time ago saying you get the bonus when the wielder has an active chem (chem or alcohol), but it uses the addiction icon, so it seems you need to be addicted to get the bonus, but that would be harder to get and maybe the weapon does not worth…
So, what does “if [addiction icon], + [black die]” officialy mean? At first look, it seems “if you are addicted, + black die”

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My understanding has alwasy been you get the extra effect when addicted, but I’ve also never seen an official ruling on Junkie Weapons.

yes, it seems so when you read the line with the icon, but if it is like that…
you need to spend more caps in the junkie’s weapon version, and look for a chem to get addicted easily, and even so, it would be 60% chance when the round 4 starts… so you are going to lose benefits from the chem using it at first round, but if you want to get any die by the last rounds to your junkie’s weapon… :sweat_smile:
It seems pretty weird like this, there is no reason to spend more caps on a junkie’s weapon.
The other way seems more balanced and “normal” to use in a RPG background, but maybe the line and the icon on the cards would need to change…


Hey @DK-dark

Your understanding of the rule is correct.

If that character is suffering from addiction, they would gain an additional Black Dice.