Ghouls & Chem Addiction + Disease


I asked this question before in the FAQ and Errata Thread eleven days ago with no luck, and Rob Mulligan was kind enough to ask Modiphius’ Chris Birch during his live interview on Tuesday but he didn’t know either. Hoping that putting this up in a thread on its own might help shine a light on it.

I was wondering if there is an official explanation on how the mechanics of chem addiction and disease work as pertaining to ghouls?

Page 167 specifically states (emphasis mine) “Addictol and Antibiotics work normally, but Ghouls are less likely to get addicted, and are not affected by many diseases.”

I have not seen any clarification beyond that. Like, do they start with a rank of the Chem Resistant perk? Which diseases don’t affect them?

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I would simply lower the difficulty of catching a disease by 1 and decrease the number of dice rolled for Chem addiction by 1 (which means they could still take Chem Resistant to decrease the dice by 2!).

It’s not official obviously but it does the trick.