On the Matter of Bottle Caps

Gotta say I’m super exited to use the bottle cap tokens! I’ve played a few test games now to get a feel for things and I went to put the stickers onto the caps and … I’m not exactly sure what to do with them? All the stickers are numbers?

What are they actually for? Are they meant to be searchable tokens? Stat effect tokens? Ready/used tokens?

How do you guys use your caps in your games?

I think they’re intended to be alternates for the Investigation markers. That said, I didn’t sticker any of mine, I bought them for the geek factor. I put them in a giant clear “Coke Bottle” piggy bank and told my wife it was my “Apocalypse fund.” She rolled her eyes at me, but I still have every intention of filling that bottle up eventually. :stuck_out_tongue: My friend who ordered a package said his is just going on a shelf unopened just as a display piece.

Seriously though, the caps are beautiful, they’ll look incredible no matter how you ultimately decide to make use of them.


I’ll be using my set with the FFG boardgame.

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I was thinking of using them as random prize amounts in certain missions. Do a blind pick of a cap and multiply by 10 and get that many caps sort of thing.

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That’s a great idea,kinda like it is in the video game…random amounts big and small🖒

They look great but don’t seem very useful. I was under the impression they would have various stickers to account for stuff like being in fire.

It seems all they are for us markets for searching or random directions. I don’t have mine yet so I could be wrong.

I wish they were more useful but I figured they’d end up as a display piece. I don’t regret buying a pack.

they are to replace the cap tokens and also use a single arrow to show who has initiative (dont waste caps by putting all arrows on caps). not what it was sold as I agree as i was expecting them to be a bit more of a replacement for most of the ingame tokens…bit of a missell but still a fun gimmick in game and the idea of random selection prizes is great.


And to add to all of that, they are a great prop. If you ever need to decorate something to be fallout themed, just scatter a few around. Also could be good for cosplay

Once I have some more time, I’m planning on scanning the standard game tokens and fiddling/englarging to use with the caps.

Once you print them, you can buy “Epoxy Stickers for Bottle Cap Pendants” online to use to make them a little more durable/polished

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That’s a good idea DarkSol!

Did anyone ever figure out what these are for or how they’re meant to be used with the mine card?

The sticker set that comes with them allows you to use them in place of some of the game’s tokens if you wanted. But mostly they’re just awesome.

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Is anyone painting larger denominations on the underside and using them to manage caps spending in force building and settlement mode? That seems like the logical use for me, unless I’m missing something. I’d rather use the resin vault-tec crates and other things for objective markers/searchables.