G.E.C.K.: So many CAPS!

Within the GECK box, there are two card board punch outs of caps with numbers on one side (Reds have a 1, Blues have a 5). Are these meant to be handed out to keep track of Action Points? If so, each player can only have up to 6 AP and the Group Pool can only have 6 AP. Right? I’m not sure. But if so, there are a whooooole lot of extra caps.

Or are we supposed to hand them out as Caps (cash)?

Players don’t have their own AP. Group pool can have up to 6 (or more with the right Perks). GM pool is unlimited.

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Ah. I must be mixing my RPGs. Time to start reading!

We don’t specify what currencies the cap tokens are used for - they could be Action Points, they could be used for Luck, they could be in-game caps. It’s up to an individual group how they want to use the tokens.


Thanks. That makes sense. I was scratching my head for a moment and then went: Shrug. “They’re cool!”

I think also they take the rule of thumb of more than needed is better than not enough. I ordered the version that gave me actual bottle caps made of metal but still gave me the punch out cardboard ones too. I think their sets err on the side of more than you need to give you flexibility for however you choice to use them to play.

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That makes sense.