Potential token alternative?

I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas for replacing some or all of the smaller tokens in the game. Not that I’m opposed to using them of course, but it just adds to the clutter, and my game group is more used to not dealing with it. We’re coming from Malifaux to this, so we’re not used to tracking a lot of tokens.

Only thought I had was to just sleeve the cards and use a dry erase marker for conditions, damage, slow firing weapons, ready, prepared, armor, and anything else I can think of. The problem comes in when you have multiple units of the same card.

so I just wasn’t sure if anyone had any other alternatives. I had a thought for an Android app, but know nothing about creating them, so that was out. Interested to see anyone’s thoughts, or if everyone really likes using tokens and I’m just the odd man out.

I think Modiphius plans to add objective markers to replace what’s in the starter. (They’re particularly proud of the toilet with the skull with the party cap in the top.)

The slip cases with the dry erase is what I’ve used for these kinds of things for ages. It works great. We do the same thing with character sheets when roleplaying.

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I too am not a fan of table clutter so I ordered a set of these tiny dice in black (for damage) and yellow (for radiation dmg). I don’t have my models yet but they fit perfectly on the other 30mm based I have.
Modiphius has mentioned before that they will be making the model cards available for download. I plan on printing those off and sleeving (with a std playing card for support) and using individual cards for each model. That will also reduce clutter by being able to place tokens on the model’s card instead of next to it on the table.

One card per model is how I plan to do it too. I was a bit surprised when I realized that wasn’t how they were handling things from the start.

For my models, I plan to simply number the models when I have more than one of a specific model so it makes it easy to track which is which if I ever play bigger games.

i have been in the process of designing some turn/wound counters but still tinkering with it the base of it being a vault door and a underside the same shape that has the numbers then use a couple magnets to connect them together but i havnt touched the idea in a few weeks tbh

bottle cap for scale

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Neat, a counter like that would be pretty neat. How hard would it be to set something like that up at about the size of the bottlecap for HP and/or other forms of damage?

with fdm printers detail could be tricky to have the numbers legiable but if it was injection molded plastic or cast in resin it could be possible

I was actually thinking something like what you have, but with a couple of spin dials underneath it. The spin dial could have a number sticker, then you could turn it so the number of HP or whatever else you are tracking is visible.

Something along these lines:

Basically the dial like you have planned already but make the wheels small enough that you could do maybe two or three under the main disk?

Just a thought, I really have no idea how the 3d print stuff works, so if I have no idea what I’m talking about, just say as much. :wink:

i see where your coming from with that MTG counter i suppose if you just did a disc stuck a printed sticker/paper onto the discs then run a screw or a rivet threw the shell of the counter so it has a point to spin around while holding all the parts together

Yeah, that’s kind of what I was thinking. Have a vault door like that with two spinners, one for health and a second for radiation. Have a bottom layer, two spinners, then the top. In the middle a screw to hold it all together or something along those lines.

I’ve used this technique with other games with cards but it never dawned on me to use it for character sheets in an rpg. Thanks for the idea!

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Glad I could be of service. We’ve found that it’s really nice for tracking HP, Spells, and consumables that change frequently. Keeps us from having to print off a new sheet every time we erase our way through the previous one. :stuck_out_tongue:

At this point we have just substituted in some other larger counters from other games. I am not opposed to having the tokens (we do put damage on the unit cards though) but I really hate the small sized ones (especially for commonly used ones just as Ready) as my older eyes have trouble seeing exactly what some of them are from across the table.