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Insert dividers

Any one who has the starter box insert,how do you separate and organize the different cards?

Here’s how I do it:

I forgot to label the middle top slot. That’s leadership cards, blank cards and things like “Clunky” and “Wild” and heroic cards.

I basically got all cards that there are and with the recent releases (New Vegas wave) I’ve hit capacity. That might help you to compare.

thanks that’s a pretty efficient looking set up. I am in similar boat with having all the cards. The only thing I would do differently is I want separators between the different factions unit cards.

Anyone know of any dividers that would work for that purpose and be able to be labeled ?

The most efficient dividers would be simple sheets of thick paper that you label yourself. Cheap and would do the job.

I know of no dividers that you can buy that are specifically for Wasteland Warfare.

Ok. Thanks that’s what I’ll probably end up doing if I can’t find any to buy.

Not sure if this helps but I’ve printed off these dividers from board game geek. You can change the writing to suit your needs. They work really well as a Fallout theme.

Thanks I’ll check them out tomorrow after work.

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