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Card organization

Ok so I have a dilemma
How are people organizing cards?
I am going to do ring binders for the unit cards, but all the others are a puzzle.
You cant really organize them in a binder as they need to also be in a deck for random selection, you cant keep them in a deck as you need them for specific scenarios and game types.
I have everything so i have a lot of cards.
Also for searchable decks they need to be different per searchable type (so nuka cola machines cant hold guns as an example) feels like I need a 6x4 table just for all the cards

At the moment I have all cards separated and stored in business card boxes, which helps with random selection but is not good for purchasing/army building and it is a lot of different boxes.

How are the rest of you doing this?

Is anyone (Modiphius?) going to bring out an app to alleviate this issue for players? It is only going to get worse as we buy more not better. I’d happily pay for an app (about £4), we can use proof of purchase to add decks that are not free as a pdf on the website.

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i know its a limited option i personal 3d printed a case to hold the smaller cards and used some of the included baggies to separate the unit cards by faction but i might print a case of them as well, i dont know if other companies use similar sized cards to the item cards who might sell something along those lines

Each core box seems to come with a few baggies, I have been taking every type of card and putting them into their own baggies by category. Then with items I divided them into each of their types and put them into their own baggies. It breaks the deck apart, but another 5-15 minute to setup the decks is not too bad for me.

Ziplock bags, many many ziplock bags. The game came with a couple, but every box or set of miniatures you buy comes with a couple too (where the miniatures are in). So I used all of them to organize my cards and tokens like you can see here:

The big bound stack of card in the picture where all the items, they have now all been sorted in different types and put in different bags as well.

For building an item deck that is not 200-300 cards, I use my deck generator which you can find here:

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I’m hoping that someone will end up making printable dividers for the smaller cards with nice icons on the labels. I prefer to keep the Item cards separated by type to make individual cards easier to find (Chems, Food, Rifles, Melee, etc.).

Once I have some nice dividers, I’ll spend 20-30 minutes making a custom little box out of foam core which fits the card dimensions.

As far as dealing with setup, I’m hoping to eventually write my own app that easily let’s me create and save custom decks to shuffle digitally, and save those decks so they can be recalled for specific scenarios. But don’t get your hopes up any time soon. This would be in my spare time when I have motivation to work on an app instead of paint my models and play the actual game, and even if I do make it, I might not be able to share it with others.

I agree, an official app provided by Modiphius to help create, save, and share various wasteland decks would be cool. But you gotta cut Modiphius a break. They are a small company, probably don’t have a lot of developers on staff, would then be “on-the-hook” for keeping the app maintained for bug fixes and compatibility updates, and would have to be careful about what functionality/features the app provides for fear that it would easily allow people to play the game with proxied models for free without buying into the game at all. Not to mention probably having to work with Bethesda’s legal team at least to a limited extent for using their trademark IP in an actual app, even if it were free.

Asking Modiphius for an app is a much bigger ask than what it may seem like. I’m hoping to work on a simple web-app here and there, but like I said, I’ll only share it with others if I actually finish it AND get express permission to do so from Modiphius. And then I would be on the hook for people bugging me to make bug-fixes and feature updates for something that I wouldn’t be making a dime on. But we’ll see. There are LOTS of gamers out there with programming skills, so someone else might beat me to it, or make something even better than what I can do.

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i made a card box for the mini cards on thingiverse. it will hold them with and without card sleeves. It works better with sleeves but you could just scale it down slightly like 98% or something.
i will be making a caps stash style tub for caps and markers which i will also put on thingiverse


keep up the good work your putting some good stuff up on thingiverse

I don’t have a 3D printer, but I’ve downloaded many of your creations for when/if I ever get one. You’re doing some great work! Thank you for sharing all of it.

I saw on the bottom of the page with the pictures a couple of companies that will print and send out to you. mostly in the US but could be a help to people like me who have no printer…

are the large cards simliar sized to trading card games cards sure they will sell cases for them that could be repurposed

edit: somthing like this

I went almost Gloomhaven organisation with binders for everything, I went very OCD with it and everything is alphabetical and grouped. I have 1 binder for units, 1 for weapons and 1 for events etc.
From these i can not only build decks for different purposes (probably monthly) and also use it to build armies and scenarios.
Random decks are created and stored in plastic business card boxes with a compartment for the used cards to go in.
Now all I need to do is database every card and start creating a random item generator for searches and events.

For tokens I’ve used a compartmentalised box usually used for either beads and jewellery or DIY storage. right size for the rulers and also perfect amount of compartments for the different types of tokens.

For the amount of games these days using the half sized cards it’s a wonder to me UltraPro or the like haven’t made a deck box, or other storage solution. It’s even hard to find sleeves.

I underestimated how many sleeves i needed and soon went through the 300 I had in so I bought 400 more and now have enough spare to last me a few expansion packs.
I was tempted with a proper Deck box (found a great 1500 card holding one) but for me the organization in them isnt going to give me easy “Findability” of the cards. Binders really do seem to be the only real option, plus it is way cheaper.

What binders hold the cards? Standard card sizes don’t really work for the half sized cards?

If you are looking for binder display card holders for the under sized cards, this is what I use:

I use standard card sized holders, with sleeves in they fit perfectly fine. while not spaced efficiently it does mean I have the same size slots for everything so doing units with unique items and AI can all fit in 1 binder pocket sheet.

The above item I linked is designed for the smaller cards, holds 16 per page.

I am tempted to pick some up for the item and weapons binders…although i am cheap so I may just keep what i have :wink:

There’e really nice, and of good quality. I use them with my X-Wing cards, and the left over sheets I’ve started moving my Fallout items/weapons into.

I bought this from amazon to organise my cards.

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