How do you pack your box? (Pics encouraged!)

I suffer from slight OCD and want to get everything perfectly organized together in a nice and neat way after playing a game. However, I can’t really figure out a good way to pack everything in a way so that everything similar is put together, like all cards at one place, all tokens at one etc.

All figures (except one stalker and the ezoghoul ofc) are easily put at the same place but the rest kinda feels like they need to go wherever they fit all around?

Also for some reason I reallt want the stairs on top lol but can’t figure out a nice way to get everything else find a nice spot then :stuck_out_tongue:

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Whilst the inserts are lovely, I wanted a different storage solution, so I got some colour coded deck boxes. This has the advantage that I can keep everything relating to one corporation in one small box :grin: The disadvantage is that now the staircase no longer fits in the box!


Amazing! :slight_smile: I was thinking of getting a custom made box for just the cards to have beside the box and use all the places inside the core box for just figures, boards and tokens and this is a close second to doing that!

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Great idea with the boxes!
I’ll copy some of it, although I want everything to be in the box so I’ll have to improvise a bit.

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I’m hoping, that once I’ve got all the expansion boxes, that I’ll be able to move things around and fit everything in the board game boxes!

I just pack the tiles at the bottom, then the two inserts, and then the stairs on top.
Tokens in a separate “token box” with compartments so they can be sorted.
Cards in a separate card box.

Tiles and stairs in the bottom, then cards, counters and minis in various zip bags thrown in there. 1 insert thrown away so far, might throw the other one out as well depending on how much room I need when the rest of the stuff comes.

thats very lovely! really! my OCD feels great!

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Has anybody a link so some good and tested sleeves?

No link, but I ran with Dragonshield Clear

I bought these:

They worked amazingly well :slight_smile:

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This is my box. Not all minis are in the box at the picture, but there’s room for them all.


Is that foam holding up the boards? That packing looks really neat!

Yeah, should’ve taken an extra picture. Below the boxes with the corporation cards and tokens is a homecut foam holding everything up and protecting the minis. But the minis and their paint won’t be protected from each other. I don’t think it will be an issue.

Thank you. I like it myself! Although it doesn’t leave much room for expansions so they will have to stay in their own boxes. Maybe if I take out the AI cards I will have room for the other 3 corporations at least.

so, i tested the Dragon Shield and Mayday.
While the Mayday sleeves are ok as far as i can tell, the Dragon Shields are just better. Those things are really tough and sturdy. The cards are sitting snug and the sleeves aren’t as flimsy and slippery as all others.
Downside is they make the stacks even thicker, i mean really thick… like your mother…
and they are very expansive in comparison.
My take is: I will use Dragon Shield for the Games i play more often.

Looks great - what are those smaller deck boxes, and where did you get them?

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I picked up clear backed Titan Shield sleeves. I am really enjoying them. Seem sturdy and at a reasonable price.