What Do I need For Card Protection, Storage, Etc

i went and order the game and expansion an expect it to arrive in a few weeks and I have a few question about storage and protection of the game components.

1.) What size card sleeves do I need and how many for the cards for the base game and the expansions?

2.) What is double sleeving? I saw that it is recommended t double sleeve cards, but I’m not sure what this is and how that affects things like type of sleeve size needed, etc. (iI don’t play any collector card games and never had so I never had to deal with any of the card storage issues and aren’t familar with terminology and common practices of protecting cards.)

3.) How many storage boxes are the cards going to use? I saw some pics people did of their packed components, but I have no idea how big of card storage boxes to get and how many to get to fit everything?

4.) Do I need to get any special storage stuff for the game?


Since the game won’t arrive till a few weeks from now, I want to have all the stuff to store/protect it with before it does. So I want to try and get all the storage stuff this week or next week that I’ll need.