Siege of the Citadel Core Rules - FAQ

Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel; Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my copy of Siege of the Citadel include a plastic ring?
The plastic ring is there to help your Ezoghoul maintain its balance. Make sure you put it on when playing with it. Remember, however, to remove it when replacing the Ezoghoul in the box.

2. Why does my copy of Siege of the Citadel include a set of stickers?
These are meant for the stairs plastic insert, which you will find at the bottom of your box. The stickers come in three sizes. The eight larger stickers (long and thin) are intended for the edges of the staircase sector tile. The four medium sized ones (shorter than the large ones) are intended for the lower steps of the staircase tile. The remaining 4 stickers, which are shorter and smaller, are meant to be placed on the middle steps of the staircase tile.

3. I finished playing a game of Siege of the Citadel and I want to put it away, but I don’t know where to place the miniatures!
Please, check the picture at the bottom of this post, and follow it. The components of the game should fit perfectly in the box, if placed adequately.

4. I have tokens representing all of the Dark Legion creatures except the Praetorian Stalker, Nepharite and the Ezoghoul. Is this correct?
Yes. There are no tokens for the Praetorian Stalker, the Nepharite or for the Ezoghoul. These wouldn’t be used during the game. If, for any reason, a player needs to use these tokens to count promotion points, they can use tokens representing other creatures.

5. I have an extra set of cards that isn’t mentioned when setting up missions. What am I meant to do with these?
These are bonus cards that you can add to any and all missions as you see fit (bonus card are as follows: 8 x event cards, 8 x Doomtrooper cards, 8 x equipment cards, 8 x secondary mission cards, 8 x force cards).

6. I don’t know how to distribute my tokens since I only have ten bags but more than ten types of token.
You’ll have to mix certain tokens in order to fit them in the ten bags included (if you don’t have any more bags). One suggestion is organizing them by similar size and shape (all square tokens together, all door tokens together, Dark portals, creature tokens…)

7. The box only includes 4 red dice and 3 black dice, and sometimes I’m supposed to roll more dice than that. How am I supposed to do that?
You can sort out that problem by simply re-rolling one or more of the dice, as necessary. If you re-roll a miss, you don’t need to keep track of anything; if you have to re-roll a success, you can use a token —either Dark Legion or Corporation— to keep track of the re-rolled dice.

8. One of the players in my group managed to get past rank 12 during a game. How should I track their promotion points they earn after that point?
As stated on page 21 of the rulebook, you can use Corporation tokens to track promotion points after rank 12. Each new Corporation token would count as 10 promotion points.

9. Is it possible for a figure to move through terminal tokens, Dark portals, turrets, or debris tokens?
As mentioned in the rulebook, figures can move through terminal tokens, turrets and Dark portals, but they cannot end a Move action on top of any of these. They cannot, however, move through debris tokens. Sometimes, missions will give additional rules that could contradict the core game rules. In that case, always follow the rules in the specific mission.

10. There are some equipment crates in one of the missions. The rules in the missions say that I need to shuffle the equipment deck and draw three cards. However, as I can see the rank in the back of the cards, it feels too easy to cheat.
In this sort of situation, always let the acting player shuffle the deck, and then give it to the Dark Legion player to cut. That way, you will make sure the shuffling is fair.

11. Some missions specify that a Corporation player with the commander token would lose a specific number of promotion points. Would that be in addition to the 10 promotion points they lose by default, or only the indicated number?
The Corporation player holding the commander token always loses a minimum of 10 promotion points, in case of mission failure. In some specific missions, when the stakes are higher for the Doomtroopers, the promotion point loss would be in addition.

12. If one of my Doomtroopers leaves a trap on the game board and a Dark Legion creature walks over it and perishes, do I get promotion points?
Yes, you do!

13. Wait, does that mean that if a Doomtrooper from a different Corporation walks over the trap and suffers damage I get a reckless maneuver token?
Yes, you do as well!

14. When playing with the staircase sector tile, can I use the edges of the stairs as walls for the tech specialist?
All the squares in the first two steps count as adjacent to walls. The rest of the squares in the sector tile, including the squares at the edge of the sector tile, do not count as adjacent to walls.

15. When playing a mission with the staircase sector tile, I’ve realized that the Dark Legion player can easily block the Doomtrooper entrance point if the Doomtroopers are meant to enter through the staircase sector tile, making the mission unplayable.
That shouldn’t be a problem. When spawning Dark Legion creatures, Doomtrooper entrance points would count as Doomtroopers. This means that Dark Legion creatures wouldn’t be able to be spawned directly on the entrance squares blocking access.

16. The cover rules specify that figures behind debris tokens gain 1 to their defense value, but at the same time, the example next to the definition says that they gain 1 white die for their armor check. Which is it?
It’s the defense value. The dice do not change. The main text is correct. Unfortunately, the example text is not accurate.

17. When a Dark Legion creature is standing on the two squares adjacent to a door, the door is open. Does this mean I can cross the door without drawing a door card?
Yes. However, if the creature is killed, the door will close again. If the Dark Legion creature keeping the door open is killed in close combat and a Doomtrooper wants to overrun (taking the Doomtrooper to the other side of the door) the Doomtrooper will have to draw a door card as the door closes before the overrun.

18. When playing mission 4 of the first campaign, I am not sure when the Corporation players would lose the mission, thus making the player holding the commander token lose 10 promotion points.
If the Corporation players don’t get to complete any secondary mission at all, that would mean that the mission is lost, and the player holding the commander token would lose 10 promotion points.

19. When playing mission 2 of the second campaign, it is not specified whether a single Corporation can pick up more than one equipment crate, and how would that affect the rewards at the end of the mission.
A Corporation player can pick up as many equipment crates as they want. This means that, if the player holding the commander token doesn’t pick up any equipment crates, they would lose 12 promotion points (10 for failing their objective and the 2 extra that the mission states), even though the mission wouldn’t have been lost.

20. When playing with the AI deck, I’ve drawn a force card that allows the Dark Legion to choose from two different Dark Legion creatures. How do I determine which creature to spawn?
The force cards that allow you to choose from different Dark Legion creatures to spawn are bonus cards and not officially a part of the core game, even though they shipped inside the box for the Kickstarter. You can tell the bonus cards apart as they have a different symbol in the bottom right of the card front. As they are not included in the base game, they are not officially included in the AI rules for solo play. However, if you would like to use them, a good golden rule to follow when using the AI deck is to always choose what you would if you were the Dark Legion; that is choosing the highest ranking of the creatures or the one who would contribute more to the strategy to provide the hardest challenge.

21. Can I use the coagulant auto-injector outside the Doomtrooper’s activation to prevent a lethal injury on them or an adjacent Doomtrooper?
No. The coagulant auto-injector has to be used during the Doomtrooper’s activation.

22. When performing a tech attack, may a tech specialist be diagonally adjacent to a wall?
No. When performing a tech attack, tech specialists need to be orthogonally adjacent to a wall.

23. Mission 5 of the first campaign states: “Reinforcements enter the Citadel at entrance points in sector tiles 5 & 9 red entrance tokens.” The map, however, has red entrance tokens also in sector 11, can I use them to spawn reinforcements?
Yes. They should be considered normal reinforcements entrances. The book should read “Reinforcements enter the Citadel at entrance points in sector tiles 5, 9 & 11 red entrance tokens.” We apologize for the mistake.

24. In mission 2 and 3 of the first campaign, I’m not sure when to place the Doomtrooper on the board.
You’d only need to follow the rules regarding a Corporation player’s first turn. The first time a Corporation identification marker is drawn, however, instead of placing the Doomtroopers outside one sector tile you’d place them on any unoccupied square of your preference in the starting sector tile. The Doomtroopers would then start their activation from there.

25. In missions 2 and 3 of the first campaign, when is the mission considered failure so that the Corporation with the commander token has to lose 10 promotion points?
The mission is considered an overall failure when at least one Corporation doesn’t complete the mission. In the case of missions 2 and 3, if at least one Corporation doesn’t exit the board with at least one Doomtrooper, the Corporation with the commander token will be demoted.


The image for repacking only includes one layer. A more thorough overview of repacking would be helpful.

Do Trap tokens persist? These are created by the tech weapon with VERY little descriptions. It says you remove one of another is created by the same tech specialist if they would have more than 2 created, so I’m assuming they stay no matter how many times it’s triggered, and it counts as theirs.

I have a few questions that are ambiguous in the rule book.

  1. Do you have to rebuy all weapons and equipment per mission? Or are those items persistent?

  2. Can you lose ranks when you lose Promotion points, for example, go from rank 12 to 11 by losing 10?

Just some confusion there, the game is great!

When you leave a trap after a successful tech attack, you leave your corporation’s token on the trap as well. Once you make a successful third tech attack during a mission, you then move the oldest trap to where you eliminated the most recent dark legion figure. Those traps aren’t removed in any other way for the rest of the mission. You don’t pick up traps if they happen to eliminate dark legion figures or cause damage/eliminate doomtroopers.

You potentially could have up to 8 trap tokens on a map at once, but it’s unlikely unless every player picks a tech specialist for their team.

  1. Not persistent. Think of it as you’re “renting” the equipment for a mission instead of actually outright buying it. All of the equipment goes back to the deck after the mission is over.

  2. Depends. If you have 126 promotion points and you lose 10, then yes you would have 116 promotion points and be rank 11. If you have 132 promotion points and you lose 10, you’re still rank 12 as you have 122 promotion points. The rules state to use tokens, but it’s easier to just write down what you have if you’re playing a longer campaign.

Where do I find the markers for the whitestar corporation?

Hi there,

I am not sure this is the right place to post it but my copy of Siege of the Citadel is covered in yellow and black mold. The box and its components itself are affected

Where do I need to write to get a replacement box ?

First point of contact should always be with the details and any photos.
They’ve always been helpful on the few occasions I’ve needed something cleared up.

Hi, I’ve just received my Siege of the Citadel Game and I have a question.
Is there any penalties if hoy make a firearm attack against an enemy who is in a close fight with another doomtrooper?
I can’t find anything about this in the Game rules.

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So finally got the game, is there a way to download the core rules as a pdf?

You use one of the extras from the expansions and mark it. Or borrow a different corporation’s pog.

In the pledge manager page you can download them

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I can’t find any stats for the Stretch goal monsters. Mercurian Maculator,Metropolitan Prophet, Castigator, Malignant Advance, Defriled Avatar and Tekron Troupe.

There are boards with stats for all the other monsters but not these. NC1-12

They were included in the Dark Legion pledge box.

Mission 3: Doomtroopers must leave the game board from any exits in sector tiles 4, 6 or 7.

This includes the Dark Legion Entrace Points?