Help with Hacking

Trying to use crossover RPG elements into the board game. Can anyone simplify chapter 4: black hacks, into some easy to follow rules?

Not part of the question but just to lay out the context I am using RPG stats in the board game. This is working out quite well. 2d20+hit die, and RPG weapon rolls
concentrated fire gives another d20 without the damage dice of a reload.
Same with charging and melee.
I have just had them using mechanics tests to open doors right now with failures resulting in a card pull.
DT cards are either the card or use as a chronicle point.
RPG stats for weapons and monsters.
Also using hordes and squads where appropriate

Only thing I haven’t done is use any tech in the game. hence the question above
so far though the attempt is 4 out of 5 stars for success