Mercurial Maculator and thoughts

Hello all,
I just finished a session of siege with the Bois

Quick question , the Maculator has a size of 4 squares. How does it behave around 1 square long passages and hallways?

Secondly the art spells add a nice flavor and mechanics to the game albeit sacrificing a tech specialist.

We were thinking that many corporations feel too similar and miss a factor of difference, even some corps have a specialisation twice (Mishima melee) and we were thinking if there was a way to differentiate between all of them in a way similar to the brotherhood.

Ex Mishima having ki powers, Cybertronic some corporation specific implants etc.


The Mercurian Maculator presumably uses the same rules as Golgotha, Karak and the Apostles do - ignore all walls when moving, other than the ones separating different tiles.