What else! What Next!

Since we are waiting and now a little hyped up that it’s not too far in the future we’ll get out boxes what do you think would be neat to see come out next for SotC?

Maybe something where you can play solo with 4 figures but one faction. A squad of Blood Berets, even if it’s 6 minis with no heroes but lesser skills but they build up.

Maybe other locations and different shaped boards or connectors for boards.

Maybe a few 3rd “Furniture”. Or flat furniture tiles at least.

Would you add a new class of character then the 3 represented and what would that be?

Just fun to think about the possibilities.

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If that happens, it’ll be through custom content of others. I’m not expecting anything official with Siege of the Citadel anytime soon since it won’t be going to retail after the kickstarter.

For sure I think they are as done with it as the backers. It’s more a what if discussion topic.

I’m personally trying to convert the old campaign for the original game with the Kickstarter edition. I counted 79 total missions across all of the PDFs from the dark legion pledge. I’d like to put together another 21 at least to contribute to that.

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