First Campaign 5 players done

Completed the first Campaign tonight with 5 players. Surprised at how balanced it turned out after being let down in the beginning where one Corporation got a head start. But he didn’t end up winning. Winner finished at Rank 8 + 7 points. Last player at Rank 7 + 4 points.

It’s a very simple game with many wow-moments and luck but it works for that specific type of crowd and game night.
Even though I look forward to expansions I think this game is meant to be a fun simple game, I’m afraid the expansions will complicate and add time to a game that really should be played quick and without ”brainwork”.

By the way, did anyone find the setup of mission 5 a bit unfair? One doomtrooper died straight away on the DL-players start turn.

I chalk that up to the dice gods. Tonight I took 3 shots at the same Centurion and only got 1 hit with 3 white dice, then 4, then 5. Then another Centurion maxed out and scored 4 hits on 4 white dice against my doomtrooper Mitch Hunter who was at 3 health and dropped him like that.

Sometimes it just feels like everything is going either the dark legion’s way or the doomtroopers’ way.

Also, I’m amazed you got through the entire campaign in one night. The missions in the first campaign are definitely shorter and allow for that, but the first mission of the second campaign took us a couple hours at least to get near the end.

Ah, I was unclear, we finished the fifth mission that night. We’ve played the campaign during the last month, one mission each occasion.